Фанаты гоняются за Мерьем Узерли по Санкт-Петербургу The star of “the Magnificent century” walks the streets of the Northern capital. Fans Meriem Userli trying to meet the actress, telling each other about her movements in the city in social networks. Their dream – to be photographed with the main character of your favorite series.

Star incredibly popular in our country Turkish series “Magnificent century” Meriem Uzerli surprised the residents of St. Petersburg that are both subscribers to her page in Instagram.

The fact that in his microblog publishes actress photos, showing that these days she is in the Northern capital. Meriem easily walks the streets of St. Petersburg, while enjoying the incredible architecture and other unique beauty of this fascinating city. Star has published in the microblog pictures taken, probably in the hotel where she was staying. Then Meriem scored at the Kazan Cathedral, taking photos of pigeons, confided in her hands.

Stunned fans Meriem Userli decided at any cost to meet the actress. They report each other about its movement in St. Petersburg. And admit that I envy the girl in the image of Catherine II, which star did the close to the Kazan Cathedral.

“This girl is on the left just has no idea how lucky she is”, “I’m gonna die on the spot”, “How I would like to see you”, “I Wonder, Catherine realized though, that with Hürrem was photographed?”, “Has anyone met Meriem?”, “She’s half an hour ago, walked away from the Kazan Cathedral, we drove to the hotel already, can’t find it in the heart” – talking between fans of the actress in her microblog.

However, walking in beautiful places is not the only purpose Meriem Uzerli in Saint-Petersburg. Actress here combines business with pleasure, leisure and work. Meriem currently shooting in the Turkish film “Insightful Regai”, and together with the crew arrived in Russia. The artists involved in the series, will stay in St. Petersburg a few days. According to some, Meriem Userli stayed at the hotel Hermitage, and her colleagues Meric Aral, Boran Kusum and Serkan Keskin live in the hotel “St. Petersburg”.