Fans are amazed by the resemblance of the grandson of Nikita Mikhalkov with the famous grandfather

Фанаты поражены сходством внука Никиты Михалкова со знаменитым дедушкой
Anna Mikhalkova has shown a recent photo of grown-up son.

Фанаты поражены сходством внука Никиты Михалкова со знаменитым дедушкой

Andrei Tanks

Photo: @anikiti4na Instagram

Nikita Mikhalkov

Photo: still from the film “I step through Moscow”

The eldest son of Anna Mikhalkova — Andrew recently changed his hair: the young man cut a thick head of hair. The result of the transformation, the actress has shared in social networks. Fans were amazed by the new photo 17-year-old Andrew. They are, however, surprised is not his hair, but the similarities with the famous grandfather. Grandson Nikita became his copy. Fans immediately remembered the early work of Mikhalkov in the movie “I step through Moscow”, which is a classic for all time.

“Looks like a young Nikita, in the film I step through Moscow”. The same purity in the eyes”, “Grandpa in his youth”, “Very beautiful, like a young Nikita.”, “Really grandpa like”, “my God, it’s a copy of grandpa”, “Everything is already written, but I will. The same smile, the same look… amazing!” — write the fan of Anna.

We will remind that Anna is growing up three children: two sons, born the same year, and little daughter, Lydia. By the way, ironically, the sons Mikhalkova absolutely not similar to each other, neither externally nor internally. Andrew, as the eldest son, is behaving more rationally, has its own point of view on all events and can support any conversation. And the youngest son of Anna, Sergei, as she says, growing more creative and complex, but no less loved. By the way, rumor has it that the husband of Anna, albert insists that the boys, upon reaching 18 years of age, went to serve in the army. It is not excluded that a new hairstyle Andrew — preparing for an important stage in the life of men.