Fans Alsou: “Silence in the profile of some terrifying”

Фанаты Алсу: «Тишина в профиле какая-то пугающая» Fans of the star are concerned about her disappearance from social networks. Lil Wayne posted a message that became a mother for the third time, seven weeks ago. Since then, she’s not pleased subscribers new photos and videos.

      In August, the family of the famous singer Alsu has occurred happy event – the actress gave her husband Ian Abramov long-awaited son. Now the two daughters of stars, a nine-year and seven-year Safina Micelli, was born bro. The family is happy.

      Admirers of Alsu look forward to when it will present the world a little heir, who was named interesting name Rafael. However, the singer is in no hurry to share the joy on social networks. On the contrary, it literally disappeared out of sight of the fans after I published the news about the birth of a boy in Instagram.

      Concerned subscribers have started to write star full alarm message. It absolutely unusual is the fact that once active in social networks, the actress has been silent for more than seven weeks.

      “Silence in the profile of some terrifying”, “I miss you”, Alsu, how’s your baby?”, “Long time no posting pictures, we miss you”, “something Lil Wayne long time no see…”, “Photo no longer spread”, “Amina, where are you?” – wrote the star followers.

      Recall that in the first months of pregnancy, the star did not advertise its position. Alsu carefully concealed the rounded belly under bulky clothes. When future replenishment was obvious, the singer has decided to stop speculation and personally told about waiting for a third child. She confirmed to journalists that it will soon become a mother. “I didn’t thought it through, everything turned out as usual” – confessed artist.

      Become large mother Alsu suffers from the jealousy of the husband

      Meanwhile, numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva, examining the date of birth of Raphael, came to the conclusion that the kid will gravitate to the creativity. Perhaps the boy even will repeat the fate of his mom and become a public person.

      “Life code Raphael – 189 167 – suggests that the child was born the day the velvet voice, so it’s possible that he will continue the work mother and become a singer,” says Kuzenbaeva. – The boy is strong-willed character. When he grows up, Alsu takes a lot of patience to tame the temper of his son. Since then, as Raphael learns to speak, it will repel all who try to criticize him, the boy will be very painful to perceive any attempt to contradict him. Also parents have to teach the boy flexibility, tact and patience, otherwise, his hot temper will serve him in life unkind.”