Fans admired the grown daughter of Yulia Volkova

Фанаты восхитились снимком подросшей дочери Юлии Волковой
The famous singer Julia Volkova is an active user of the social network.

Фанаты восхитились снимком подросшей дочери Юлии Волковой

She often shares with his subscribers the news of his personal life and publish photos not related to the job, but also his family.
The other day in the microblog Julia was photographed with her daughter Victoria, which recently turned 13 years old.

“My love! My star! Treasure! Bead mine! Yum!My little doll!Beloved! Beautiful!My cat!The sun!My joy!Lovely!My flower!Pie! My dear!My girl! Daughter. With what speed time flies? You today for 13 years. Happy Birthday,my love. I love you like crazy!You-a huge well done to all! My pride and by the way,is already largely in my example,” he congratulated the heir to Volkov.

Followers also wondered why Julia looks almost the same age as his daughter, and no wonder, because the singer gave birth to the firstborn in 19 years.

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