Фанаты восторгаются новым женственным образом Анастасии Волочковой The ballerina amazed the Internet users image change. Fans and even detractors did not immediately recognize the artist. And acknowledged that Anastasia is a very new haircut.

Anastasia is very popular in social networks – every post, every photo or a video with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Among those who follow the life of the actress on the net, there are fans who like everything that makes Volochkova. Publishes traditional photo of the bath shows if once again their ballet stretch, does your classes classical dance with my daughter and without – they always admire. But, strangely, such commentators do not regular very much. The majority of subscribers and casual users Nastya criticizes, and sometimes openly ridiculed for splits, bath treatments, and in short, everything. And such people always “traversed” in the appearance artist is that her figure is ugly, the makeup makes you look older, hair.

Anastasia Volochkova ridiculed for a bizarre dance

Volochkova, who pays no attention to criticism and publishes in his Instagram exactly what he wants, this time the surprised users. Anastasia posted a photo in a new image. The actress dismissed and increase hair, painting them in a uniform blond made easy natural makeup and was completely transformed.

“My dear! Only for you to try! To delight you with my beauty. And here is the result of the work of my friend Maya Mikhailovna. How are you?” – Anastasia asked in the caption to the photo.

The followers did not hide their admiration, hundreds of commentators have converged in one opinion: Volochkova looks amazing. Some did not even recognize the artist: “As if 20 years younger. Beautiful”, “do Not know! Younger, prettier!”, “Not found, unexpected. Impressive.” “God, finally, beauty, a hundred times cooler, younger, super!”, “Even sweet and kind. Satisfied. Yay! Finally!”

The transformation of Anastasia, many associated with personal life the 42-year-old actress is happily in love the woman always looks beautiful. Volochkova never ceases to confess his love to his new chosen Michael. She spends a lot of time with her lover, and then presenting to the public the photos in Instagram. What does Michael and how they met, not yet says Anastasia. But, apparently, Volochkova is now quite happy with her personal life.