Fans accused Victoria Bonia in obsession with weight loss

Поклонники обвинили Викторию Боню в одержимости похудением The woman was fascinated by the raw food diet. Victoria Bonia plans to cleanse your body with fruits and vegetables. However the fans think otherwise. According to followers, so she just wants to shed pounds.

Victoria Bonya tries to stick to a proper diet and regularly trains in the gym. Star actively sharing with followers their achievements. The model decided to try a raw food diet, that is completely excluded from the diet foods with animal fats. According to Victoria, she needed the cleansing of the body, as she started to get tired a lot. The woman believes that nutrition strongly influences the overall state of health, including mood.

“I feel a little energy. Sleep long and don’t get enough sleep, even if sleep 10 hours a day. It is a sure sign that it is time to switch to a raw food diet. It is a pity that I will lose weight, but it’s worth it,” said Bonia.

However, fans felt that it was only a pretext, and in fact Victoria purposely wants to lose the weight gained during the stay in America and France.

“From the raw food diet appears energy? More nonsense not heard. If Victoria want to lose weight, and say nothing to conceal!”, “Tell me, why are you gaining weight? It was an experiment?”, “Vic, the weight is perfect right now! Don’t touch yourself!” “Sorry for the weight, his legs now -the juice,” wrote the followers.

In a separate blog Vick shares the recipes that she included in the diet. The woman returned to Monaco, so she had the ability to regularly cook. In the morning a celebrity makes a mess, and dinner with a spinach salad. Besides, it makes the snacks with juices, smoothies and protein smoothies with soy milk.

“The last couple of months I felt too relaxed, it’s not my state! Finally feel like my energy is back, but it’s only the second day of a raw food diet. Today I wanted to get up early without an alarm clock! Hooray, I regain your strength”, – two days later, said Vic.

Some followers believe that she gives a great example to the other girls, motivating them to change themselves. They thank her for healthy recipes and positive posts.