Fandera called marriage with Jankowski child’s play

Фандера назвала брак с Янковским детской игрой The famous actress told about the relationship with the chosen one and the upbringing of children. Two years ago, celebrities have marked the 25th anniversary of family life. According to Oksana Fandera, she and her husband do not try to lead each other.
Фандера назвала брак с Янковским детской игрой

November 7, Oksana Fandera celebrates its anniversary. The actress turns 50 years old. The star just two high-profile premiere – crime series “Elusive” and space blockbuster “Salyut-7”. Recently, a woman told reporters about their projects, the relationship with her husband Philip Jankowski and raising children.

Oksana Fandera is married with a representative of continutiy for more than two decades. Two years ago the couple celebrated the silver wedding. Acting couple never ceases to amaze surrounding with harmony, which reigns in their relationship. According to Oksana, they have with Philip is not the main thing in the family.

“You know… it’s like rope, linen and clothespin all together. Rope without underwear is not needed on the street. Linen without a rope will not hang. But the Laundry will not hang on the rope, if not clothespins. And who of them together… – said the actress. – Our relationship is a particular form of games, children’s games. We get pleasure from how we exist alongside. We have no obligation, we do not have the coordinate system that is usually adopted in the family. And we continue to learn from each other in some very important for the growth of each of us things.”
Фандера назвала брак с Янковским детской игрой

According to Fandera, it never asks for the role of the husband, if he is working on another project. “I clearly understand that if the Director does not offer, then I there is simply not see. And, frankly, Philip, with great reluctance, such was the feeling, took me to his picture,” says the star. Nevertheless the woman likes to interfere with the chosen one on the set.

“Working with him is a special treat. And like a Director he very accurately always knows what result he wants, and as an actor – he is a great artist and very thin, delicate partner,” says the star.
Фандера назвала брак с Янковским детской игрой

Children Jankowski and Fandera decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents. The eldest son Ivan is considered one of the most promising young Russian artists. Celebrity did not go against the wishes of his son to become an actor. Pandere like what makes a young man. According to the star, he is very purposeful.

“It is categorically not satisfied with the proposals, you just have to be, and, Yes, you should admit it, even I managed to hit some scenes in the movie “the Queen of Spades”, when I actually stopped to get to know him…” – said Oksana.

As for Lisa, the youngest daughter of celebrities, the girl, having studied acting for two years, decided to take up directing. “It falls beyond all the role – in looks absolutely lyrical heroine she absolutely rebellious, typical, if I may say so, the contents,” says Fandera.

Speaking about the upcoming anniversary, the actress admitted that she does not like to celebrate his birthday. So Fandera chose not to share with journalists plans for the organization of celebrations for loved ones. “I would go to sleep 6-th, and to Wake up from the 8th,” said star, laughing, magazine The Hollywood Reporter.