Поклонник Пинк попал под ее «горячую руку»
The singer responded sharply to the user, calling her a woman


Photo: Instagram

Pink, which has always distinguished brisk
character, published in the microblog a video of his speech in Vancouver,
then one of her fans tried to make a joke about her appearance. Judging
around, nothing.

A young man wrote to the singer that “she
looks so old that now she should not call yourself a pink and
purple.” The actress, who rarely enters into a dialogue with strangers, this time
did not remain silent. She reminded the user that left in the world still
people who prefer to grow old without plastic surgery.

“All my 38 years reflected on my face.
Look at yourself. How do you look? I have not heard about you until, until you
wrote my name. So I’m going to call you little purple Troll”, —
added “the most beautiful woman in the world” by People magazine. Singer
sure the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes or at the corners of the lips is not talking about
the approach of old age, and that you laugh a lot.

If the wrinkles on the face bring not any Pink
the inconvenience, the extra weight is a problem for her, especially after
last year she gave birth to a son, jameson.

I still weigh around 72 kgs at growth of just 159 cm. —
complained the singer a few months after birth. — Medical
standards I would be considered suffering from obesity. But I don’t want myself
to acknowledge such!” Pink tries not to torment yourself in vain regrets and
just enjoy life in the gym and wait for her body
restored. “I think it’s normal. After
as a woman a whole 9 months of carrying a child, she has a right not to rush to get rid of
the total pounds!” — commented the artist.