Поклонник Ольги Бузовой жестоко избил участника «ДОМа-2» The reason for the brawl was a bad joke, Eugene Maslov. Roman Gritsenko attacked a colleague in a reality show with his fists, the result of which caused him great injury. Eugene was sent to the hospital to examine the damaged eye.
Поклонник Ольги Бузовой жестоко избил участника «ДОМа-2»

Spectators “Houses-2” to fights on the project seem to have long been accustomed. However, some of them amaze even the most sophisticated audience. This time in the center of the scandal is the Roman Gritsenko and Eugene Maslov – men fought, in which the latter was hospitalized in one of capital clinics with an eye injury. Not without damage and a novel, the broken arm.

The quarrel broke out because of a bad joke in Maslova address Gritsenko. First, the remaining contestants tried to stop the brawl, but soon the conflict became so serious that they decided not to intervene.

“He didn’t like the joke first told Artem Forty, and I repeated it. I took the umbrella, and swung. I hate him do not. I have a damaged eye, eyesight has deteriorated, I don’t know what will happen next,” said Eugene in the air “HOUSE-2”.
Поклонник Ольги Бузовой жестоко избил участника «ДОМа-2»

Eugene added that, in his opinion, Roman conceited because of the opportunity to become another host of the reality show. Maslov believes that hurt his ego, but because the young man could not restrain his emotions and punched him in the face. Also, the participant “House-2” does not deny his guilt – because he provoked Gritsenko and could not negate the conflict.

“This situation wasn’t worth it, before Jack wanted to apologize. If to return time back, so I wouldn’t have. About the reasons I will not say. The situation is messy, ugly, so people do not behave, especially those who wants to achieve something,” said Roman.
Поклонник Ольги Бузовой жестоко избил участника «ДОМа-2»

Gritsenko also noted that this situation many people can draw their own conclusions. In his opinion, does not behave like it is not what in a reality show, but in everyday life.

However, for 23-year-old Novel, it not the first case when he resorts to his fists. In the beginning of the month a young man in a fit of rage pounced on Artem Soroka, who allowed himself to speak disrespectfully to the address of Olga Buzova. Gritsenko has tried to Woo the leading show, but always got a flat refusal.