Поклонники Александра Панайотова обсуждают его таинственную спутницу Finalist show “Voice” is resting and gaining strength in a warmer climate. A few days ago, he was intrigued by the subscribers together with the girl. The same photo appeared in her account.

      The famous singer Alexander Panayotov preparing for the concert in “Crocus city Hall”, which will be held in late February. At the moment, finalist show “the Voice” went on vacation to Thailand. With him rests the girl, whose identity was very touched by his fans.

      The actor shares photos with the beach and shows in his landscapes of the island of Phuket. In one of the photos of the feet of the followers saw a woman’s foot. The girl’s name is Katya, and she is the PR Manager of the artist, but the followers of Alexander believe that between the young person and his representative have established a closer relationship.

      “Nice guys”, “You are so beautiful”, “Some ethereal!”, “You’re such a lovely couple,” “It’s great that Sasha has a loving and beloved girl, and the ring he bears, perhaps, too, for a reason,” “Here is the answer to the question whether the busy heart of Alexander or not. Dear fans, roll up his lip, he’s busy!” – wrote in Instagram Panayotov.

      Kate and Alexander spent Christmas in Sochi, which hosted the festival, Grigory Leps. It was then that the fans Panayotov first started talking about the affair. Judging by the posts of the girl in social networks, she’s having a great time with a young man on Phuket. They admire the beautiful sunsets, taste local dishes and walk the beach. “What happy people living on the Islands…a Healthy body and spirit all year round. Thank you for the happiness of at least a small period of time to be healthy and happy”, – says Katya.

      After participating in the project “the Voice” singer and his PR Manager trying to recover physical and moral strength. According to the post Panayotov in the social network, he was unhappy with the victory of Daria Antonyuk from the team of Leonid Agutin. Alexander Panayotov criticized the final results show of “the Voice”

      “It was very exciting and musically with all hands. It was hard for me to take this step and go on “the Voice.” But I do not regret a single second. Because this is primarily a meeting with you, my viewers and listeners. The winners, as it turned out, this contest is no. There are just phenomenon, as a fact. Thank you all for the support, love, attention and respect for the music!”, – wrote Alexander.