Поклонница исполнителя хита «I Believe I Can Fly» обвинила его в насилии и распутстве The artist was again in the center of the scandal. A month ago, the journalists published an investigation alleging that R. Kelly holds at fans. The other day one of those who lived the star, broke a long silence to cast a stain on the reputation of the musician.
Поклонница исполнителя хита «I Believe I Can Fly» обвинила его в насилии и распутстве

50-year-old musician in rhythm and Blues R. Kelly has never had exemplary behavior. Winner of three awards “Grammy” was repeatedly accused of inappropriate behavior towards the opposite sex. Dozens of women claimed that the singer ruined their lives, but around a month ago it broke large-scale scandal, unprecedented. One American newspaper conducted an investigation and found out that Kelly supposedly keeps at home for at least six sex slaves – fans who are eager to start a career in show business.

The artist abstains from any comments and prefer to keep silent about the situation. Attorney R. Kelly, Linda Mensch responded to the request of correspondents via e-mail. The lawyer denied accusations against his ward.

“We can only wonder, why do people persist in slandering a great artist who loves his fans, available 24/7 and takes care of all, – said the representative of the star. – He works hard to be a good person and an outstanding artist. (…) I guess that’s the price of fame. Like all of us, Mr. Kelly deserves the right to privacy. Please respect it.”

Recently, the groupie, which he kept in his mansion, decided to give an interview. 24-year-old Geronda Johnson broke a long silence and stated that he had cohabited with R. Kelly when she was 16. A young woman claims that the relationship with the artist injured her psyche. According to Geronde, he was forced to call him “daddy” and insisted that she was dressed like a schoolgirl.

When Johnson lived at Kelly, he allegedly forbade her to use a mobile phone and forced to ask permission when she wanted to take a shower, eat, go to the toilet or to go outside. If Johnson violated rules, she could have been seriously hurt. “Then I didn’t even know what I like. I knew only that I like his music, so I try to agree with all its rules” – justified by the resident of America.

Relationship Johnson and Kelly ended in 2010. Musician jealous fan of her boyfriend’s.

“He slapped me, and began to choke and spit on me,” says Gironda, which passed the polygraph test to prove his innocence.

Then she turned to the lawyer Susan Loggans, which represented the many women who accused R. Kelly of violence. As a result, the musician has paid Gironde compensation, and she had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Johnson was obliged to keep secret all the facts of the case.

Upon learning that members of the media have conducted an extensive investigation, Jeronda decided to violate the obligations of the contract. A young woman shared that she is not afraid of possible lawsuits from representatives of R. Kelly. Johnson said Buzzfeed that the world needs to know the truth.

“His music outshines everything when it comes to his misconduct. No one thinks about what he did or does with young women, and his personal life means nothing when it comes to bosses, making money on it, says Gironda. I know that Kelly can sue me in court. But I’m no longer afraid of it. I feel that I now felt much better because I kept it all to herself for many years, and he perfectly copes with it. This is wrong.”