Известный скрипач Дмитрий Коган скончался от рака The musician, whose name is well known in Russia and abroad, died at the age of 38 years. The news about the sudden resignation of Dmitry Kogan from life saddened many fans of classical music. The man struggled with a serious illness.
Известный скрипач Дмитрий Коган скончался от рака

Journalists reported the sad news that a 39-m to year of life died honored artist of Russia Dmitry Kogan. About it the correspondent told his close people.

Sources from the environment of Dmitry Kogan called the cause of his sudden death. According to a friend of the artist, who wished to remain anonymous, he died of cancer. The funeral of the famous musician will take place on Saturday.

Many fans of the talented violinist can’t believe his death. They write condolences to the family and friends of Dmitry Kogan. “Let them rest in peace… These people go”, “Lovely man he was. I remember his concert in June last year in the hall of columns, he performed Vivaldi. Young, fun, Oh, what a pity! The Kingdom of heaven”, “horror”, “Only recently came to Yaroslavl”, “Sad”, “Great talent, eternal memory,” discussed social media users.

Dmitri Kogan was born October 27, 1978 in Moscow. The man followed in the footsteps of relatives who have left their mark in art. His grandfather was the violinist Leonid Kogan, she was a musician and teacher Elizaveta Gilels, the father of conductor Pavel Kogan, and mother – pianist Love Kazinskogo.

Already in childhood, the future artist has demonstrated their outstanding abilities. When Kogan was six, he began studying the violin at the Central music school at Moscow Conservatoire named after Tchaikovsky. Ten years Dimitri has played with a Symphony orchestra, and as a teenager played in the Bolshoi theatre.

Higher education he received in the Moscow Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky and the Academy of Sibelius in Helsinki. Dmitry worked with such masters of music as Igor Bezrodny and Thomas Haapanen.

In 1997, Kogan began to conquer the foreign scene. Then he made his debut in the UK and the USA. At different times he has performed in the most famous concert halls of Europe, Asia, America, Australia. Enjoy the game men could also a talented violinist in the Middle East, CIS countries and Baltic States.

In 2010, Dmitry Kogan was awarded the title of honored artist of the Russian Federation. After some time the musician together with philanthropist Valery Savelyev has created a Fund for support of outstanding cultural projects.

The news of the death of the famous violinist correspondents confirmed his personal assistant Joan Prokofiev. “Yes, it’s true,” she said, answering the question TASS about the death of Dmitry Kogan.