Famous triathlete Roman Paramonov accused of beating ex-wife

Известного триатлониста Романа Парамонова обвиняют в избиении экс-жены The girlfriend of the former wife of the athlete said that he raised his hand against a defenseless woman. According to Natalia I. shtrombakh, a man punched the mother of his child in his presence. The victim was diagnosed with serious injuries.

      Известного триатлониста Романа Парамонова обвиняют в избиении экс-жены

      Today, the Network appeared the information that the triathlete Roman Paramonov brutally beat his ex-wife Hope Semeniuk, this happened on Thursday, February 9, at one of Moscow’s cycle tracks. On the accident said the injured girlfriend Natalia I. shtrombakh. The woman was shocked by the aggressive behavior of the athlete. She doesn’t understand why the man threw a punch on a defenceless man, besides children. According to Natalia, she is devastated and doesn’t understand what’s going on.

      “Yesterday we had an emergency. Only now, when the situation became more or less clear, and her life is not in danger, I can write this post. Yesterday, when I saw lying on the floor in the blood and the dying friend, I lost the ability to think clearly and calmly talking, only the Mat and tears… And it was not for the first time. Beat in front of the kids, opening the car door, top, buckled, almost no bruising, just a fractured skull, concussion and cut documents… the police did not initiate anything to say, he didn’t… And again swinging meanly in the hallway with an elbow in the face, no one saw, but all around I feel sorry for the guy, say, like, went away and left him poor… And here he was again beaten up brutally in the middle of the lobby of the track, no one stood up, no witnesses, instead of a face a mess, broken facial bones, bleeding in the eye, trauma to the head… Next was the son of…” – shared I. shtrombakh.
      Известного триатлониста Романа Парамонова обвиняют в избиении экс-жены

      Natalia told that she truly did not understand why it happened. According to her, Hope Semeniuk is raising three children. “It’s difficult this is, but slowly everything turns out,” said I. shtrombakh. A friend of the victim also stated that the woman no longer waiting for from my ex-husband any good.

      Friends and acquaintances Natalia could not believe her words. In the comments of the post I. shtrombakh they expressed anger and outrage at what is happening. “I never would have thought a sportsman could have such a low act in relation to his family, sorry for your loss, I wish and Hope for a speedy recovery”, “I’m shaking from what I read”, “How can this happen”, “In this case, you need to understand,” – discussed social media users.

      The Roman Paramonov has not commented on the incident. One of the subscribers, Natalia turned to the organization, which is engaged in international triathlon. Man I. shtrombakh argues that there took note of his words and Paramonova was suspended from participation in competitions.

      Later in mass media there was information that Hope Semeniuk wrote a statement on her ex-husband. According to journalists, Paramonov beat ex-spouse due to the fact that the woman sued him in court. Semeniuk requires the athlete alimony for maintenance of children.