Famous Russian women were injured in a serious accident

Знаменитые российские биатлонистки пострадали в серьезном ДТП The bolt from the other car broke the windshield of the car athletes. It was driven by Olympic champion Olga Medvedtseva, which was taken to the hospital. She had surgery and now to her life threatens nothing. Olga Vilukhina and Svetlana Sleptsova was not injured.
Знаменитые российские биатлонистки пострадали в серьезном ДТП

Today it became known that three Russian biathlete Olga Vilukhina, Svetlana Sleptsova and Olga Medvedtseva got in dorozhno-transport incident. The accident occurred on route Borodino-Krasnoyarsk. Together with the athletes and was the head of the press service of the RBU disease observed Maria.

It is known that behind the wheel was a two-time Olympic champion Olga Medvedtseva. She received a traumatic brain injury. Immediately after the incident she was taken to a hospital where she needed emergency surgery. Now the sportswoman is in the hospital. According to preliminary data, the remaining passengers were not injured.

“Really, Olga Medvedtseva is now in a large urban hospital, she had surgery. Her condition is characterized as of moderate severity. She is under the care of doctors, her life is not in danger. All medical care is delivered in full”, – assured the head a press-services of the Ministry of health in Krasnoyarsk region Zoe Maslennikov.

Well-known sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev and wished a speedy recovery to the Olympic champion and large mom. He said that he contacted the husband of Olga and asked her condition.

“I talked with Valera by Medvedevym, conveyed wishes for a speedy recovery of our darling Olga! Let’s wish all together health! Olga Vilukhina, Svetlana Sleptsova and former head of the press service of the RBU disease observed Mary, who was in the same car were not injured! Girls, God bless you!” – wrote Guberniev.

Olga Medvedtseva won the first Olympic gold medal at the 2002 competition in salt lake city. In 2006, she won the silver medal, but she moved to another athlete because of positive tests for doping. After that, she became the leading program “to Conduct-Krasnoyarsk”, but after a while returned to the sport. Olga has three children.

As reported by journalists of the Krasnoyarsk edition of TCEs, the cause of the accident was a bolt from the car, which was moving in the opposite lane. While driving he hit the windshield of the car women. The bolt crashed through the window and hit medvedevoj in the temporal part of the head. Surprise Olga lost control and flew into a ditch.