Знаменитый российский манекенщик живет в нищете The star of the catwalk Danila Polyakov wanders and collects alms. Once a young man conquered the best fashion houses of Europe and now he’s sleeping on the street and eats food that he treated passers-by.

      Знаменитый российский манекенщик живет в нищете

      Danila Polyakov gained popularity in the fashion world many years ago. A model of Russian origin, won the best catwalks of Europe and the United States. His unusual appearance and charisma attracted famous designers. The image of Daniel is well known in Russia and abroad. Long red hair top models are still his calling card.

      Recently, however, bright hair Polyakova attracts not only the fashion of the agents as ordinary passers-by who greet him on the streets of Moscow. The model does not have a permanent residence, he can conduct day and night on the street. Sometimes, Daniel is not even something to get to the subway and then he begs.

      “I just don’t know how to spend money correctly. Do not consider it necessary. I can per night to spend on everything, and the next morning to ask for bus fare from passers-by. Now, of course, such wealth as before, and not close. I am often approach people on the streets and offer help, I do not refuse, take their money. Even products sometimes in the store I buy from strangers. Probably find out and then regret” – says the Poles.
      Знаменитый российский манекенщик живет в нищете

      Meanwhile, the creativity in the top of the model is not quenched. The poles continued to create and may unwittingly be disclosed as a designer. The once rich and famous male model buys clothes for himself and wears what you give him friends. However, he always looks stylish and original.

      “Stable income I have. Yes and never did. I do not bother about the money, but without them hard. Although I can say that I had a very mundane: they need money for food, travel and housing. Nothing else. I even do not buy clothes. I give the old stuff, of which I do myself images — ditch, cut, sew the fabric again, and it’s rather stylish. And go. For example, recently made himself a new pair of shoes two pairs of old, ragged,” says Daniel.

      In recognition of podium stars, he has a vague concept of “home”. Once Daniel had the means, and he bought a house in the suburbs. And now, after the death of his mother, the Poles’t go down there, and the house on lot recently burned down. The model grew up in a large family, and sometimes help out relatives who are willing to shelter brother.

      “I Wake up in the morning and not know where I will sleep the next night. Wander from sisters to friends, acquaintances and Vice versa. Sometimes have to even sleep on a Park bench. For me there is a problem,” says the model in an interview with “Life”.

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