Знаменитый фотограф Патрик Демаршелье обвинен в сексуальных домогательствах

74-year-old French photographer Patrick Demarchelier, who photographed Princess Diana, angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna and many other stars, were accused of sexual harassment.

According to The Boston Globe, more than 50 models spoke about his unpleasant experience with the 25th star photographers, stylists, agents, casting Directors and other industry professionals. Against Patrick made a few models and his former assistant: according to her, he kept bugging her and in the end she had to concede, as she was afraid to lose my job.

In addition to Patrick, got under the hand photographer Greg Kadel, who worked on the shows of Victoria’s Secret and Vogue magazine, stylist Karl Templer, who has collaborated with such brands like Coach, Zara, Tommy Hilfiger and others. According to the publication, each charged with the harassment denied the allegations, calling them false.

“People lie and love to tell fictional stories,” said Patrick to The Boston Globe.

However, the publishing house Conde Nast has already announced the termination of further cooperation with Patrick Demarchelier and Greg Kadela.

In Hollywood, soon there will be not one celebrity is not accused of sexual harassment. For example, the guide Vanity Fair insisted on taking a photo of actor James Franco on the cover of the new issue.

There is information that the characters of the photo shoot was originally not twelve, and thirteen, but will appear in the finished issue 39-year-old Franco did not take the allegations of sexual harassment.

“We made the decision not to put James Franco on the cover, as soon as he learned about the charges against him,” explained a representative of the magazine.

Photo shoot for the Hollywood issue took place over several months. Guide magazine acknowledged that the movement #MeToo influenced the choice of heroes covers this year – it was decided to show a strong Hollywood women, and men supporting them.

The news on the exclusion of James Franco has caused various rumors in the network. For example, Bobby finger, writing for Jezebel, noted that to remove the figure of the actor with the photo was easy.