Famous musician Alexey Fomin was severely beaten The incident occurred right at the entrance of his house in Tula.

Famous musician Alexey Fomin was severely beatenOn the eve of December 28, at 20 o'clock, the local police department received a message that a man born in 1982 with traumatic brain injuries and numerous injuries was taken to the D. Ya. Vanykin hospital. The victim turned out to be a well-known composer in Tula who writes instrumental music, Alexey Fomin.

Famous musician Alexei Fomin was severely beaten

On the same day, Alexey wrote a statement to the police about causing him bodily harm, on the basis of which the Tula Ministry of Internal Affairs published a message from which it follows that “On the evening of December 28, two unknown people, being drunk, right near the entrance on Kaulya Street 47/3 attacked musician and inflicted traumatic brain injuries on him, which they did not stop at and finished off both with their feet and inflicted a serious injury to his eye, because, as it seemed to them, he answered them rudely.”

Today Alexey himself gave comments on what happened and said that after he fell to the ground, one of the attackers took out his phone and began filming him. In addition, it seemed to Fomin that the men were more likely under the influence of drugs than alcohol.

Now this fact is being investigated and the circumstances of the injuries are being established, and Alexey returned to the medical institution, where he received additional advice from an ophthalmologist.
Given the severity of his injuries, Fomin, naturally, is not yet ready to return to creative activity and he will celebrate the New Year with signs of severe beatings.

We would like to remind you that he recently released the composition “The Swiftness of the Soul”, which received very good reviews on professional music resources.

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