Famous model on trial for robbery at home of former MP in London

Известную модель судят за ограбление дома экс-депутата в Лондоне Foreign journalists reported that Russian beauty Marinika Smirnova has issued a formal charge. The court in the case of fashion models, living in the UK, will take place next month. Unknown accepted Marinika guilt.
Известную модель судят за ограбление дома экс-депутата в Лондоне

Western media reported that the 34-year-old Russian model and reality star Marinika Smirnova tried to Rob the former Sverdlovsk Deputy and businessman Sergei Kapchuk, who currently resides in the UK.

According to journalists, the woman allegedly colluded 28-year-old Robert Murray. He stole valuable property in the amount of two thousand pounds. It is reported that a young man entered the mansion Kapchuka, located in the West of London. Robert fooled the guards, posing as a bailiff. Murray then allegedly stole two computers Apple, TV, clock, printer and recorder.

Smirnov and Murray is awaiting trial. Alleged accomplices were released on bail. The hearing in their case will be held next month.

Известную модель судят за ограбление дома экс-депутата в Лондоне

We also add that the conflict between Marinika Smirnova and Sergey Kapchuka continues for a long time. Girlfriend blonde Olga claimed that the man specifically pursues her friend. According to the woman, Kapchuk supposedly requires Smirnova substantial sum of money. Last year model was arrested on suspicion of beating ex-politician.

Recall that Marinika Smirnova – the winner of the title “Mrs. Russia-2008”. The model became known on the background of a messy divorce with the co-owner of “Euroset” Timur Artemyev. The couple lived together for four years and officially broke up in 2010. Some time later, after Marinika separated from her husband, she decided to seek payment of child support through a London court.

In 2013, Watson granted the right to a one-time payment in the amount of £ 20 million, covering the costs of her daughter Vicki. In addition, the blonde gave the opportunity to dispose of the London apartment of his former wife.

Becoming the owner of a decent condition, pretty went into business and buy shares. Being a welcome guest closed the British nightlife, the model met the Irish hunk Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the dream of many girls from all over the world. Roman young people has developed rapidly, but after some time they were forced to leave. Now the artist happy in a relationship with an Asian actress Mara lane. In December last year the couple first child – a charming wolf. Russian beauties who conquered the famous foreigners