Famous designer decided to support Melania trump

Известный дизайнер решил поддержать Меланию Трамп
The other day Donald trump with his wife Melania went to Texas, which suffered after the hurricane “Harvey”.

Известный дизайнер решил поддержать Меланию Трамп

Many have criticized the Melania because she appeared in high heels. The public was outraged by the fact that while the inhabitants of the country tried to cope with the effects of flooding, the President’s wife picked up the shoes to your outfit.

“I don’t think she’s insensitive, spoke in defense of Melania designer shoes Manolo Blahnik. — I know she works a lot — perhaps she was just in heels, which left new York. Yes, I could wear rubber boots, but what she wore, she was. I do not consider it necessary to advise people what to wear, because it is everyone’s business”.

In his opinion, wrong those designers who refused to dress the President’s wife, so as not to mix politics and fashion.

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