Famous choreographer has demonstrated the plasticity of the face

Известный балетмейстер продемонстрировала пластику лица Alla Sigalova is one of the most successful Soviet and Russian choreographers. It also savebuy the Department of “Plastic education actor” of the School-Studio MXAT. New the star has caused excitement among its subscribers.
Известный балетмейстер продемонстрировала пластику лица

In that year, Alla Sigalova Hispanos 59 years. Artist successfully support figure who regularly practices and teaches the choreography.

Many spectators Alla remembered after participating in the show “dancing with the stars” on TV channel “Russia 1”. Sigalova was a pretty strict judge and did not give concessions to the movie stars and singers. The choreographer is also on Instagram, where she shares photos and impressions. The last frame of the star caused a storm of emotions among followers.

“The rain on the street, and I want bright colors… great that there are holidays, which is always happy, who always remember and which is always waiting!” signed the Ala.
Известный балетмейстер продемонстрировала пластику лица
Известный балетмейстер продемонстрировала пластику лица

Today Sigalova takes part in judging a new dance show “everybody Dance!” on TV channel “Russia 1”. Alla has two children, Anna born in 1982, and son Michael was born in 1994.

Alla was the wife of Director Roman Kozak, who was the Chairman of the Guild of theatre artists of Russia. Mater died 28 may 2010 after a prolonged illness.

The woman confessed that all life adheres to a strict diet. Only after the retirement of renowned choreographer began to afford some relief in food, for example, it occasionally may eat fresh bread or pastries. But, according to her, all in the normal range.