Famous actor Alexei Chadov changed his name

Известный актер Алексей Чадов сменил имя

As reports the edition Days.Ru, a famous actor Alexey Chadov and not Alex at all. A famous actor, the star of the film “Heat,” “War” and “company 9” was told that a really long time was … Sasha.

It turns out that the parents of Alex could not think of a name for their child, and decided to name his son Alexander just before the check. The boy grew up, and I knew that the name he is not coming. Sasha and he didn’t respond, and spoke to Alexis. At sixteen, to avoid overlap with the documents guy changed his name.
Father Alexei had died when he was five years old, but even now, n after so many years he remembers what was dad even remembers his smell.
“Even the smell of it I remember. Remember how ticked we are with Andrew in the corner like spoiled us. Remember stole our bikes out of the house, and dad found them and found the person who stole. He was a very particular person, significant. And very family friendly. In his line we all are. In principle, the singles we have. Our family was self-sufficient: dad was dad, mom – mom. So when dad was gone, I acutely felt that I was fatherless,” said the actor.
Due to the lack in his life of Pope Alexei even developed complex, which disappeared only when he became a father. Chadov said that in the morning, in the hospital, he looked at the newborn son, and realized that this complex is no more, everything fell into place, and he gained a major role in my life.
Recall that with the mother of the son of Fyodor by Agnia Ditkovskite Alexei is divorced. two or three weeks of every month boy living with him. Father arranged the baby full nursery, leads him to daycare, walks and places to sleep.