Famous actor Alexander PAL became homeless

Известный актер Александр Паль стал бездомным
To be homeless is a serious blow for any and Alexander PAL experienced it “firsthand”.

Известный актер Александр Паль стал бездомным

But fans of the actor can for him not to worry, because Alexander just turned into … a homeless dog.

PAL played the dog in social video, “Find a Russian friend”, which proves that the suffering of a dog is no different from human suffering.
The Director of the video was Ilya Naishuller, known for the films “Hardcore,” “I lose weight” and others. His spectacular new short film raises the problem of stray dogs in Russia and calls on all the participants and guests of the FIFA world Cup 2018 to participate in the project.

Anyone interested is invited to talk about the problem in Sots.networks with the hashtag #baddragon #befriend or take shelter from one of the 2,000 dogs. All questions paperwork for dogs and a fundraiser sponsored by the Fund for homeless animals “NIKA”.
It is known that at the moment the project has already supported Rita Mitrofanova, Maria Ivanova, Elena Usanova, football player Dmitry Sychev.

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