Семейный отдых Ксении Бородиной на Сейшелах оказался на грани срыва
Leading complained about boredom and the weather.

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Borodina flew to the Seychelles is not on vacation, on a business trip. But since filming the reality show “Dom-2” in which she is leading, not take too much time, She took on the island his entire family — her beloved husband Kurban Omarov and daughters, Mary and Thea.

Initially, the trip was perfect. Every morning the star family gathered at one table. Borodin says that in Moscow from-for full employment and different schedules life it turns out is very rare. And here — please. Then all together went to the beach, and then she slowly went to shooting.

But this idyll suddenly intervened weather: Seychelles has begun the rainy season. Incidentally, the January in General, this area is considered to be the most cold and non-solar the month.

“More Sunny days will not be here in the near future, — said the presenter. The forecast promises rains every day. But… better rains in the Seychelles than the cold in Moscow!”

Borodina appeared for the first time on vacation in such conditions. It was found that in rainy weather on the island have absolutely nothing to do. No infrastructure, not even a decent restaurant! All life on the Seychelles is centered around the beach, and during the rains it’s like dying.

“But we will figure out yourself some fun! — not discouraged Xenia. Our close family knows it!”