Семья Стриженовых празднует важную годовщину за рубежом The eldest daughter of the star couple who is married for about four years, noted for her significant date in Turkey. Together with the successor of the famous names has gone abroad of her close people – parents Alexander and Catherine, and a younger sister Sasha.

29-year-old Anastasia, the eldest daughter of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy, celebrating a significant date for her. Exactly four years ago the young woman had legalized their relationship with a financier Peter Grishchenko.

In early August, the couple went on holiday to Turkey together with loved ones. The company Anastasia made her parents and younger sister Sasha. Family Stroganovyh having a great time abroad, learning the sights and tasting the local cuisine.

The youngest daughter of celebrities congratulated the sister, devoting her touching the publication in one of the social networks. Sasha laid out in the microblog romantic scenes taken at the wedding of a loved one.

In turn, the Anastasia decided to go to her husband in Instagram. A young woman showed idyll with her husband.

“Four years married. Without further ADO,” said Strizhenova.

Relatives of the spouses joined the numerous congratulations of Internet users and decided to ride on the boat. “Out to sea!” – said Catherine. The followers of the presenter wrote a lot of compliments to her family. “A good holiday! Good luck,” “How cool”, “Happiness to you”, “we like you,” “Beauty, I can feel the coolness of the water and the wind, Very harmonious look”, “I Wish the grandsons quickly”, “Class” was discussed by the subscribers of the TV stars.

Recall that Anastasia Strizhenova married Peter Grishchenko in August 2013. The wedding began with the wedding ceremony, which was held in the suburban Church of the virgin Mary, located near Odintsovo. It was attended by only the relatives and friends of lovers, including the actress Ekaterina Vasilieva, a longtime friend of the star family.

Then Anastasia and Peter went to celebrate the change in marital status to a fancy restaurant with a gorgeous lakeside view in the suburbs. For Strizhenovoj and Gryshchenko held a marriage registration. Most of the organizational issues fell on the bride’s parents. In an interview with “StarHit” the famous presenter said that her daughter chose two wedding dresses – one for the Banquet and another for the wedding.

Before you decide to tie the knot, Strizhenova and Grishchenko met about five years. The fateful acquaintance of the future spouses took place in new York where young people were educated. In 2011, the choice of the successor of the famous family made her an offer, giving a gorgeous ring famous jewelry brand. By the way, in an interview, Ekaterina Strizhenova admitted that the daughter’s boyfriend reminded her of her husband in his youth.