Family “street Prince” was justified at the begging of the son in the center of Moscow

Семья «уличного принца» оправдалась за попрошайничество сына в центре Москвы All parties to the conflict gathered in the Studio “Let them talk”. Presenter Andrei Malakhov decided to look into sensational stories. After the detention of 10-year-old boy playing in the Arbat, the public cannot come to a consensus.
Семья «уличного принца» оправдалась за попрошайничество сына в центре Москвы

Sensational story with a 10-year reader of “hamlet” has been discussed so far. Today in the Studio “Let them talk” going all the defendants in the case – the parents of Oscar, law enforcement officials, and numerous experts. May 26 in the center of Moscow detained the student who recited a classic. Heard on the video that her stepmother, who was nearby, seemed then as a neighbor, as a friend of the child.

The Studio came Stavreski Christina, the wife of the father of Oscar. She told me that when he returned the boy home, he asked her to stop and give a chance to read the poems. She is close with the book. When police officers approached the child, she could not explain, that is the stepmother.

“I asked: “You mother?” And pushed, not having to say I’m a stepmother,” recalled the details of the incident Christina.
Семья «уличного принца» оправдалась за попрошайничество сына в центре Москвы

She told me that Oscar from time to time arranges such street performances. According to her, he was pleased to draw a crowd and give pleasure to people come up to him, shake his hand, offer different projects.

In the Studio there was also the Lieutenant of police Darya Terekhina, who was present during the arrest of the child. She told her version of what happened on a Friday night.

“Citizens are throwing money investigation, we decided to go see what was the matter. Approaching him, I introduced myself as the inspector on Affairs of minors. I began to ask questions, his name, how old is, where are the parents. He replied: “my name is Oscar, I am 10 years old, I am single, parents don’t know they are at home,” – said the police officer.
Семья «уличного принца» оправдалась за попрошайничество сына в центре Москвы

Experts in the Studio turned to Christine and asked what Oscar spends the money it gets from passers-by. “He bought myself chocolates. My husband earns well,” commented the stepmother of Oscar.

The woman said that her family live comfortably – she’s a model and actress, and also assists her husband in business. Elias – composer, Director, designer. The crew of “Let them talk” visited the family Stavreski, where he questioned the boy about what happened at the police station.

“Because I tried everything to pull. Did not answer. This was a favorite bag-the refrigerator, – said Oscar.

The boy said that after this story he did not leave the idea to continue to be the center of the city. “If the Ministry of interior as will not respond, probably, Yes,” said the boy.

The Studio came the father – Elias Skavronski. He was outraged by all the goings-on. “I came here to defend the honor of his family, son, wife,” said the man.

The head of the family wanted to know why the police are unable to calmly ask the boy, and brought him to tears. “I became hysterical, screaming and wanted to run. The child could run off and get hit by a car,” said Darya Terekhina.

Elias was outraged by the fact that the work of his son equate to work beggars. Andrey Malakhov invited the Oscar in the project “Minute of fame”, so he could speak before a large audience.