Family Spartaka Mishulina learned about his new alleged children

Семья Спартака Мишулина узнала о его новых предполагаемых детях As it turned out, many consider themselves the heirs of a famous actor. After a few programs to the editor began to receive letters with sensational statements. However, dislike Karina of Mishulin is only Timur Eremeev.
Семья Спартака Мишулина узнала о его новых предполагаемых детях

For a couple of months Timur Eremeev tries to prove that he is the illegitimate son of actor Spartaka Mishulina. The widow and daughter of the famous artist protect the good name of a loved one.

The whole country with a sinking heart, watching a confusing situation. Karina decided on a DNA test. She brought to the lab, the Carlson suit, which was played in the Spartak Vasilyevich. Now all the heroes of the conflict are waiting for the result of the analysis. The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina got the results of the DNA test

Dresser, who has worked in theatre, said that she was aware of the existence of Tatiana Anatolievna. Valentina Skvortsova had seen her.

“Carrying lunch, pies, she was like a wife. Betrayed, cut nails on the hands and feet, shirts sewed, the woman said, and admitted that he was aware of the existence of Timur. -Knew, of course. He was waiting for him in the street sometimes, with a friend came. In the theater of the Soviet army played. He has not been disclosed”.

The Studio came Alexey Markov, who believes that, too, is a son of Spartak Vasilyevich. Karina confirmed that he knows the young man. According to her, it does not cause her dislike, unlike Timur.

Семья Спартака Мишулина узнала о его новых предполагаемых детях

The representative of Timur Yeremeyev said that trying to find other relatives of the famous actor, but brother Mishulina refused to donate biological material for examination. His wife Victoria V. admitted that Spartak Vasilyevich would be happy if would know about the existence of his son and acknowledged him.

The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina provided proof of kinship

Leading the program “Let them talk,” Dmitry Borisov said that after the first programs, the editors received a letter from Eduard Sorokin, who calls himself a grandson of Spartak Vasilyevich. His family kept documents and receipts of remittances committed by the actor.

The lawyer said that not so long ago he became interested in the message from a friend of the family. “I received a letter from a friend of his late mother. Mishulina have got a daughter going to live there, a little younger than Timur. I was interested, I want to investigate,” said Alexander Dobrovinsky.