Family Polina Gagarina was in danger in the Maldives

Семья Полины Гагариной оказалась в опасности на Мальдивах
The actress said of the most horrible nights in my life.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

Polina Gagarina has experienced the strongest stress. The singer went on a family holiday to the Maldives was in the midst of raging on the Islands of the cyclone. The actress said that night, their house almost burned lightning struck nearby. According to Pauline, it was the strongest storm she had ever seen.

“Tonight was a terrible storm… terrible to put it mildly. Such a sound I never heard! The heavens literally opened, in this case, it’s not just a figure of speech! The son turned white from fear, lightning flashed near our Villa wild Bang. Then all was repeated several times and livanul rain wall, — remember Pauline. — When you are in the middle of the ocean in a small house on the island, the feeling is absolutely terrible. Did not sleep the whole hotel… Only in the evening the rain stopped and it got a little out his nose. The forecast ahead is not comforting and, apparently, this time there will be few Sunny photos. But hope, as they say, springs eternal!”

Interestingly, the Maldives is now resting and Alika Smekhova, which refers to weather much calmer. In the same hotel, and Gagarin, holds its vacation and Irina Dubtsova. She informed fans that the island at night really covered the storm, however, she began to paint the frightening details of what happened.