Семья Михаила Задорнова отказывается от наследства The property claims to be the first wife of satirist. The daughter of Helen and the widow Elena Bombini not yet declared their rights. According to friends, the closest relatives felt the loss and still not touch the subject of his Affairs.

November 10, the famous satirist Mikhail Zadornov died. For a long time he struggled with cancer. The artist was secretive about his illness.

Zadornov after the death of his closest relatives, the widow Elena Bombina and daughter Elena, not in a hurry to claim their rights to inheritance. The reporters found that only the first wife Velta claims to receive property after the death of the satirist. Galkin told why Zadornov was worried about his family

“Their rights to inherit said only the first wife of satirist Zadornov Welt, which had come and left documents, marriage certificate with Mikhail. Nobody said its right. We know that Zadornov is left the daughter. But the daughter and the widow Elena Bombina verbally explained that I do not want to claim the inheritance, saying that they have everything. In fact, it is a strange situation. Notary helper Zadornov told to the daughter of the satirist, that she should in that case write a written refusal from the inheritance,” – told reporters one of the employees of the notary office.

However, lawyers understand that the law six months later all the inheritance may receive Velta Zadornov. Colleagues remember that the comedian has maintained good relations with ex-wife – she often appeared at his concerts. However, the relatives need to dispose of it and the author’s heritage.

“I tried to discuss with them creative moments. Mikhail Nikolaevich was the idea of films, scripts. But his wife and daughter while in a difficult moral condition, and all the talk about this we have postponed”, – said the producer of the film “Once in America” Maxim Zabelin.

While the required six months have not yet come to an end, but because the widow and daughters have the opportunity to claim the rights of inheritance. Some friends of the family do not support such an uncertain position relatives.

“I think it’s wrong that Lena refuses the inheritance. If we refuse, then at least in favor of the mother. But Lena said dad when he said that he wants to sell. He believed that children ought to break yourself, not live off earned by parents, it deprives them of their purpose. Her father bought her a house in Malta and the apartment in Moscow, they are not included in the succession mass. Elena says that beyond this she does not need anything. After the funeral she went to Malta and no one wants to communicate”, – informed the journalists of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.