Родные Михаэля Шумахера рассказали о его самочувствии

It has been almost three years Michael Schumacher bedridden. Today, close to the racer informants told about his condition. So, lawyers for the family of Felix Schumacher Dammu had to refute the information that the champion is already able to move, however, is that with the help of medical staff.

The lawyer admitted that these allegations are false, which, unfortunately, has no relation to reality.

To date, the state of Michael Schumacher is stable, however, he is not able not to move, even to stand.

In turn, the representative of Schumacher, commenting on the situation, said that the statements about the recovery of Michael baseless speculation on his behalf. “Given the seriousness of the injuries to talk about it irrationally. Unfortunately, such reports give false hope to many people,” said Sabina Whom.

By the way, the magazine that wrote about the recovery Schumacher will have to answer for it in court.

Weekly Bunte, the court may accept guilty under article “slander”, and to pay at least 100 thousand euros. This is the sum of the family of the driver has assessed the claim.

The verdict in this case is not expected before the end of October.

Recall, 29 December 2013, Schumacher with son and his friends went to the ski slopes of méribel in the French Alps. Schumacher went beyond the road and about 20 m traveled along the rough slope. Tripping over invisible under the fresh snow a stone, he fell and hit the right side of the head on the rock ledge. Still the man is under the supervision of physicians.