Family of Mary meadow languished in poverty

Семья Марии Луговой прозябала в нищете The actress spoke about the difficulties she has faced. According to meadow when she was little, her family struggled to make ends meet. They lived in a small apartment on the ground floor in one of the underprivileged neighbourhoods of Saint-Petersburg.

Actress Maria meadow, remembered by the viewers for the TV series “Murka” and “Our happy tomorrow”, it is recognized that ready for any changes that may occur in her life. A few years ago, the girl was able to leave his native Saint Petersburg and moved to Moscow. In 26 years, Maria earned as a few years of saved earnings. According to the actress, when she was little, her family lived very poorly. Celebrity says that both parents were studying at the University philosophers, so at first they even had no place to register.

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“Daddy went to work in the boiler room, got a job as a janitor to get at least some housing. And parents were happy when they were given a Studio apartment on the ground floor of a shabby five-story building on Krestovsky island. It is now the most prestigious venue in St. Petersburg, and then – neglected backwater. In our house there was no hot water and we are constantly warmed on the stove large pots. Still remember the huge hole in the ceiling plaster fell to the shingles,” said the actress.

However, meadow thinks she had a happy childhood, although sometimes the house wasn’t even tea, as it didn’t have enough money. Masha was very close to her father and loved when he came up to them with my sister Vika is a captivating game that made them laugh out loud. However, the relationship of the meadow with a parent spoiled when he left the family.

“Since then, my father talked very little. But resentment toward him I don’t have: what happened, happened. On the contrary, I am now ready to tell dad thank you – that time is gone and thus gave all of us – mom, me, and Vic – an opportunity to show our energy,” shared the actress.

Meadow believes that all of life’s challenges made her stronger. The girl suggests that many children from defective families can achieve much more than those who was always surrounded by attention of parents.

“Maybe I became an actress because I wanted to let my dad hear me?” – suggested Mary in an interview with reporters of the edition “7 days”.