Family of Ilya Reznik has suffered from the actions of collectors

Семья Ильи Резника пострадала от действий коллекторов The wife of the composer feared for the lives of loved ones. According to Irina Romanova, an error occurred where the apartment celebrity began to break the creditor. The woman finds their behavior is extremely aggressive.

      Семья Ильи Резника пострадала от действий коллекторов

      Irina Romanova, the wife of the famous composer Ilya Reznik, said that her family was in a very unpleasant situation. The sister of the woman repaid the loan, but the documents confirming this fact, was lost not her fault. The result, according to Romanov, had been made “a wrong decision on return of the car and fine in the amount of 180,000 rubles.”

      Debt collection engaged in sewers, deprived of restful sleep a family of butcher. According to Irina, in an apartment owned by a celebrity, break down the door. A group of men looking for a relative of Romanova.

      “Asked a neighbor “do You know who break down the door?”, they said, “Yes. This apartment of Ilya Reznik. We know very well. And looking for the sister of his wife, to talk to her about her debts…” At the moment my family are forced to hide. Sister is unable to go to work because of the danger and threat of her life… to get to the apartment can’t, because they are afraid of a huge fighting people In the apartment closed for two cats,” shared the woman on his page in the social network.

      According to Irina Romanova, her family is extremely concerned by the situation and survive. “Normal life, we are now deprived. If anything happens to our loved ones, who will be responsible for the crimes of the collectors?” – asks the woman.

      After a while Romanov has shared new details of the incident. The woman does not hide his indignation because of the actions of aggressive men. “Immediately after their response, the neighbor said call the police, and they retreated. In the morning at eight in the morning the same thing happened. The original documents are stored at my sister’s. She brought them personally… When my sister took the documents again, in the Bank she said, “they accosted you and what you want? You have everything settled.” In the debtors from the bailiffs it does not appear”, – explained Irina.

      Note that a similar situation occurred with the star of the series “Fizruk” Karina of Mishulin. Home phone number of the actress fell into the hands of employees of a financial institution that started calling her with threats. According to Karina, it lasted about a year, and none of the arguments did not help. After some time, joined the case collectors which nearly brought the mother of the star to a heart attack. The result Mishulina decided to turn off the phone. Star of the TV series “the Teacher” abused collectors