Family of Anna Khilkevich saved from harm psychic

Семью Анны Хилькевич уберег от беды экстрасенс The actress recalled how her house began to occur incredible things. After the star turned to the experts, she learned that the detractors wanted to disrupt the peace in their relationship with your spouse.

      On the eve of Anna Khilkevich celebrated the first birthday of daughter ariadny. “Be very happy, and my dad will try you in this life is not spoiled,” wrote the actress congratulation baby. Over a long period of time, the star of the series “Univer” showed daughter, as I am opposed to her husband Arthur.

      As recognized by Lee, after the Arisha on the light, they with the husband went through a lot. “We had a difficult period, he didn’t hear me, and I didn’t hear him. We’ve barely spoken,” recalls Anna.

      According to the artist, at about the same time their house began to occur incredible things. First, I got sick daughter Ariadna, she was coughing, although the chest x-ray was fine. It turned out that someone is an actress they fixed the shoulders on the jacket baby. But in this mystical match is not over.

      “The apartment began to appear some other people’s children’s books with scary pictures, and in them between the pages dry leaves. Nanny said: “Burn them, and that is very scary.” Well, I knocked all that out. Then we moved into a new apartment, and there the strangeness continued. I will find some kind of baby handkerchief Velcro, men with boats. Ask: “Where is it?” Tatiana says: “I found in a child’s bag – the one with which we are to walk the walk,” shared Anna.

      Later the young mother found in my drawers underwear that someone sealed with a glue gun. As Lee admits, she could not explain this situation, but her husband just shrugged their shoulders when they hear about what is happening. The star decided that it is necessary to seek the assistance of specialists in magic rituals.

      “And went to a psychic: he made some assumptions, he says, sounds like a conspiracy to break up with her husband. It is something of black magic. Anyway, we went to Church, received communion themselves and the child received communion, I blessed the apartment and everything seems to be normal. But what it was – a mystery….” – says the artist.

      As told by Lee in his interview to magazine “7 days” gradually in their relations with the husband returned to the romance, which was as soon as they started Dating.