Многодетный отец Эдди Мерфи отказался помогать гражданской жене
Actor disappointed fans.

Eddie Murphy

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Eddie Murphy recently surprised the fans.
Everybody thought Eddie, who in my 55 years, managed to acquire nine
offspring, loves children and enjoy tinkering with them. Alas, when the actor
asked how he helps the mother of his youngest, three-month daughter
Izzy, he replied that all relies on the girl’s mother – his civil
wife Paige butcher, which has been living for 4 years.

“Paige this
does not need, she is a wonderful mother, and is perfectly able to handle myself!”
he said. And added, undeterred: “of Course, I’m not changing diapers!
I have it wouldn’t be good. So why torture the kid?”

Of the nine children of an actor in a lawful marriage with his wife
Nicole which lived for 13 years, were born only five. Bria now 26
years, miles — 23 years old, Cheyenne — 21, Ash — 16, Belle — 14. Two oldest sons, Eric and Christian, which brought to light the
two girlfriends Murphy, now respectively 27 and 25 years.

Besides, Eddie is the father of nine-year-old angel, had that former spice girl Mel b. To recognize the girl his kid Murphy did not want. He was forced to surrender and declare himself her father only after genetic examination.

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