Family Makarska expect the birth of a third child

Семья Макарских планируют рождение третьего ребенка Artists dream of a big family. Victoria Makarsky said she is ready to become the mother of many children, and praying for another pregnancy. Celebrities loved in the heirs.

      Loyal admirers of the musical couple Makarsky know how long the couple longed for a child. More than ten years the couple remained childless. The lovers tried a variety of ways: tests, consulted the experts, went on a pilgrimage and prayed for the addition to the family. But it’s no use – the doctors diagnosed as “incompatibility”. And when in 2012 it became known about the interesting position of Victoria, the happy parents could not believe the miracle.

      Now, when the couple already has two children – four-year polutorogodovalogo Mary and Ivan. But Makarska not going to stop. It turned out that the woman dreamed about the appearance of the third child and really wants to get pregnant. She announced to followers on Instagram.

      “The brothers Lev (the son of my sister Monica) and Vanya in awe of each other! As well, when children are in the house a lot! Oh, you want more. The glory of God!” – wrote the blonde.

      Followers were delighted with this news and supported the favorite in the desire to give birth again. “What they are sweet! Two brothers are each other’s support in life. God forbid, Vikochka, you, Anton and even children. You are so beautiful and the kids you have special. Believe in your home for many years will be heard children’s laughter”, “may God Give you execution of desires! Such parents should be many children – a worthy sequel, Yes! Sometimes you look at your wealth and wild feeling,” “I Want to thank you, Victoria, for your wise posts, for the love and kindness to everyone”, – wrote in the microblog singer Network users.

      Interestingly, many fans also expressed gratitude for the prayer, which once gave them to them already. It turned out that she helped the woman to get pregnant, and now she willingly shares intimate words with readers of the blog. Young mothers are convinced that only thanks to the advice of a celebrity they bring up heirs.

      Special about the prayer of agreement a few years ago, Anton and Victoria said father Vladimir Golovin. To the priest the young people caught by chance – a pilgrimage to the city of Bolgar was planned in advance. History of the actress shared with subscribers “Instagram”, where hundreds of girls asking her for advice.