Family holiday of Bondarchuk was on the verge of collapse

Семейный праздник Бондарчуков оказался на грани срыва The eldest granddaughter of the Director fell ill with chicken pox. Today, all the relatives of the girls celebrate the birthday of his daughter Tats and Sergei Bondarchuk. Little Faith was two years old. Due to illness the celebration was held in the family circle, without guests.

      Семейный праздник Бондарчуков оказался на грани срыва

      Today the granddaughter of Feodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk Vera celebrates its second birthday. However, this solemn event was marred by one unpleasant moment – her older sister, Margarita, came down with chicken pox. However, the girl’s parents, nanny and Sergei Bondarchuk, decided not to postpone the holiday because of the illness of his daughter. They found the optimal way out – to celebrate the birthday of Faith in the family circle, inviting young friends girls that they have not contracted chickenpox.

      “Mother are ready for the party. Break to work and back. I love it when everything in one day. Older sister Margot did not disappoint – got chicken pox and deprived Verusu guests. But we do not lose heart! Family day,” wrote Tata Bondarchuk.

      Despite his busy schedule even on the day of the birth of a daughter, parents of Faith still managed to organize for the little one a wonderful holiday. The whole yard was decorated with colorful balloons, and children were mounted on the lawn a trampoline.

      Семейный праздник Бондарчуков оказался на грани срыва

      Svetlana Bondarchuk also decided to wish the baby a happy birthday via Twitter. “Verusha, the most serious birthday girl,” wrote the former wife of the Director. Fans have not only joined in the congratulations and sent warm words to the little girl, but also could not help but mention that she looks great.

      “Happy birthday beautiful Vera! Let it grow a healthy and happy girl!”, “Sveta, happy birthday to your little girl! Health, happiness, joy, may all her desires be fulfilled!”, “Svetlana just do not dare to call you grandma. Girl and that’s it,” commented fans. Not so long ago, the family of Bondarchuk celebrated another birthday. His 17th birthday was celebrated youngest daughter of Svetlana and Fyodor barbarian. The girl grows up with disabilities and a large amount of time abroad, getting there is education and proper medical care.

      “Yes, we have a child with certain problems, but with any person at any time can happen something terrible… no One is immune. To live in misery and dejection — is wrong. Generally, as a rule, a couple with a child with health problems disintegrate rapidly — people just stop to chat. And being with us this did not happen, very cool characterized by a Fedora,” – said Svetlana in the interview.

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