Family Friske Plato congratulated with birthday

Семья Фриске поздравила Платона с день рождения Plato was four years old. Early in the morning his aunt, Natalia Friske left a touching message to the boy on the page in a social network. Apparently, the heir of the famous singer will spend the holiday with his father, Dmitry Shepelev.

      Son of Janna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev Plato today marks four years. Most likely, the boy will have many surprises from her father, who at every opportunity tries to please the child. The presenter often takes the heir to a fascinating journey that teaches him to skate and bike, going to the movies with him on the cartoons and reads fairy tales. However, Dmitry opposed to frequent meetings of Plato with the other members of the family of his deceased common-law spouse. Vladimir Friske, Olga Kopylova and Natalia Friske told me that I have not seen the boy.

      Aunt Plato decided to celebrate a kid’s holiday in a social network posting made through one of the applications a video that contains pictures of the child. Signature Natalie said that really misses the boy.

      “My Petoskey, if you knew how we miss you… happy birthday to my favorite boy! You’re my most beautiful, smart, wonderful and favorite! Aunt, grandma and grandpa love you very much and always remember you! Thank you, my sister, for such a man, I promise you that you will be proud of a son!” – wrote Natalia.

      Followers the girls have joined her in the warm words. Some netizens once again recommend the Friske family to try to establish a relationship with Dmitry Shepelev.

      “We need to somehow try to contact with Dimitri”, “When the miracle happens? And Plato will start to communicate normally with their native people”, “happy birthday your Petoskey! Let it grow healthy and wonderful baby!” such comments have been left subscribers Friske.

      Recall that last year, the Friske family went to court to win the right to meet with Plato. Following the hearing, they were allowed to see the child, but Dmitri never made contact.

      Sam broadcaster has admitted in his interview that tells a lot to the heir about his mother.

      Dmitry Shepelev in “Let them talk”: the first interview on television

      “I have nothing from Plato not hide. I often talk to. I really want to see Plato felt the presence of Joan as well as feel her presence I am. Wish he was confident that Mama’s here and she won’t leave him,” said Dmitry.