Faith Glagoleva buried in Russia

Веру Глаголеву похоронят в России Relatives of the actress are going to organize a farewell at home. Close Vera Glagoleva has appealed to the Embassy with a request to assist in the transportation of the body. Apparently, friends, colleagues and fans of the famous actress can spend her last journey.
Веру Глаголеву похоронят в России

Vera Glagoleva spent the last hours of his life in Germany. Now close appealed to the Embassy to ask for assistance. Today it became known that the famous actress and Director Vera Glagoleva died. The actress was 61 years old. Relatives, friends and admirers can not recover from the sad news. Initially it was stated that the celebrity latest days was in the US. Spouse artist Kirill shubsky has denied this information, but did not report exactly where his wife died. It was later revealed that the woman arrived for treatment in a hospital in Germany.

“She radiated an exceptional light”: relatives and colleagues remember Faith Glagoleva

Producer of the film, which was shot in Glagoleva, Natalia Ivanova told about details of the upcoming funeral of the actress.

“Faith died in the hospital near Baden-Baden, I saw her just a week ago. Now documents are being processed for repatriation of bodies to Russia. The question of where will farewell and funeral will be announced later,” — said Ivanov.

Earlier in mass media there was information that Vera Glagoleva struggling with cancer. However, the family were not informed about the poor health of women and assured that everything is under control. The eldest daughter of the actress Anna nahapetova in may of this year talked about the fact that her mom has everything in order – it was actively working on a new project.

“Health problems are no. I don’t know who says its bad health. She has now just finished shooting, will mount the project. Mom sends you her love from the site,” explained Anna.

In July, Vera Glagoleva had fun at the wedding of the youngest daughter of Nastassja Subsky. She was happy that her heiress connected the life with the well-known hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. In social networks there was video of the occasion. They famous actress and Director looks very cheerful and fresh.

Now Glagoleva spouse does not deny that in fact for a long time she struggled with a serious illness. Quite possibly, the actress didn’t want to upset the daughters, and therefore tried not to focus on the disease.

As it became known edition of “RIA Novosti”, now the documents to be processed in order to send the body of the famous actress home. According to some, this will happen within two days.