Faint Olga Buzova shocked the audience

Обморок Ольги Бузовой шокировал зрителей The presenter works on wear. Olga Buzova took part in the recording of new years eve, and probably from overwork and nervous tension were exhausted. Nevertheless, the artist continued his speech and refused hospitalization.

      Обморок Ольги Бузовой шокировал зрителей

      Leading reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova now experiencing not the best times. While her official husband Dmitry Tarasov resting in the Maldives, the media personality have to work literally wear. Today entry new year’s party in the “House-2” Buzova fainted. Apparently from overwork the actress became so bad that she was unable to stay on his feet.

      According to witnesses, during a performance of the hit “the sounds of kissing” the dancer was close with Olga, so was able to catch a falling celebrity. Everyone who was on set was very concerned about the incident with a celebrity.

      Not so long ago Buzova complained about the state of his health. As it turned out, she caught a serious virus. Came, doctors put the woman’s diagnosis of acute bronchitis. She had middle of the night to put a drip.

      “Apparently, the stress, nerves and a tight schedule of work weakened my body, and he could not resist. I became seriously ill. Now will be engaged in the health and prevention! My dear, please take care of yourself. Today I visited the doctor, unfortunately, put a disappointing diagnosis – acute bronchitis. And also told that in Russia “goes” tough virus, and a flu! Do not treat carelessly their health, this virus is able in seconds to knock down as happened in my case. So even if you are sick, take antiviral drugs, drink more water, tea with raspberry jam and lemon, wrap up warm and, most importantly, sleep! I’m getting strong, now was the IV fluids for four hours! I in any case will not hurt. I can’t!” – wrote Olga in the microblog.

      Apparently, the media personality has not followed his own advice and not had time to rest, to gain strength and recover from illness. Apparently, the tough pre-Christmas schedule quite exhausted and very tired from nervous shocks Olga.

      According to the publication Life after today’s incident on the set Buzova refused hospitalization. The doctor examined her, after which she was able to continue its brilliant performance.