Фабрика мебели из экоротанга RAMMUS вышла на международный уровень

Furniture factory Rammus — the largest Russian manufacturer of wicker furniture from rattan innovative RAMMUS-fiber — received international quality management certificate ISO 9001-2011.

Фабрика мебели из экоротанга RAMMUS вышла на международный уровень

The high level of organization of enterprise management — the key to 100% quality of furniture from korotangi and compliance products factory demands of the Russian consumers. The quality of products and management of a furniture factory Rammus (Russia) confirmed by the international certificate ISO 9001-2011. The company produces woven furniture from RAMMUS-fiber — decoratinga new generation.

Furniture factory Rammus carries out serial production of furniture from RAMMUS-fiber — innovative ecorating with improved formula. Serial model number of the factory has more than 10 collections modern, classic, ethnic, provincial styles. An extensive range of sections, shades, textures and types of weaving the artificial rattan RAMMUS allows us to give the furniture a unique character inherent in a particular style.

The product range of the factory includes more than 200 pieces of furniture for interior and exterior:

  • Seating: sofas, chairs, Ottomans, coffee tables, chairs cocoon;
  • dining room sets: tables, chairs, armchairs;
  • garden furniture: sun loungers, benches, benches;
  • furniture for storage.

One of the competitive advantages of wicker furniture Rammus — tough and lightweight frame made of corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum. Additional processing of the final coat gives the metal a high stability in contact with aggressive environment. Quality welds ensure superior strength of the products.

RAMMUS-fiber — rattan, obtained using the extrusion technology of the linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), high-grade virgin raw material Sabic and Masterbatch companies. In comparison with European counterparts RAMMUS fiber shows improved resistance to adverse climatic manifestations and a longer service life. The structural stability of korotangi achieved thanks to the innovative formula, developed in 2013 by the specialists of the company Rammus. By introducing a raw mixture of special additives and selection of optimal temperature regime at the stage of extrusion, the specialists have significantly improved performance characteristics RAMMUS fiber.

Fundamental differences RAMMUS-fiber competitors:

  • Increased strength: RAMMUS fiber exceeds European ecorating wear resistance is 1.5 times.
  • Durability: the useful life of furniture from RAMMUS fiber is 30 years.
  • Resistance to extreme low and high temperatures (-50 to +80 °C): furniture Rammus can be operated in any climatic zone of Russia — temperate, subtropical, and subarctic.
  • Hypoallergenic: environmental cleanliness and anti-bacterial properties korotangi allow you to use the furniture Rammus in medical and care institutions.


Rammus furniture factory was founded in 1999, today it is among the three leaders among manufacturers of furniture made of artificial rattan in Russia. Production capacity is more than 11 tons RAMMUS fiber and more than 600 units of furniture products per month. The company Rammus area of 1 200 square meters is equipped with high-performance equipment from USA, Europe, Russia.

In addition to the mass-produced and exclusive furniture company sells RAMMUS fiber small and large wholesale. A distinctive feature of the factory Rammus in the segment of furniture production from korotangi — the ability to manufacture exclusive products from RAMMUS fiber on individual projects.


8 800 333 98 59 (toll-free in Russia)

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