Лицо Бритни Спирс изменилось благодаря хирургу

Britney Spears in new music video for the song Make Me her joint creation with rapper G-Eazy – tried to regain the title of young fatal beauty. For the sake of the singer a few months actively worked in the gym, dieted and…most likely turned to plastic surgeons to help her regain the freshness and youthfulness of the face.

The Spears of course these rumors did not comment, but the famous Russian plastic surgeons Svetlana Pronkina ventured to Express his expert opinion and concluded that Britney probably used the services of her colleagues: “I compared photos Britney – previously introduced on the Internet and its present. Most likely, she did a second rhinoplasty to reduce the tip of the nose. There are indications that he was lifting the midface. No nasolabial folds, which could be seen earlier. Apparently, Britney did eyelid, the lower one is for sure. Likely to have an eyebrow lift and temples”.

Note that the updated Britney liked the fans. Her new video in just two days collected more than 6 million views and with every minute the number is growing.

Meanwhile, the plastic face is not the only thing that happened in my life Time. Singer from a very young age trying to perfect their body. So, being underage, young Britney did breast surgery. The chest seemed to her insufficiently elastic, what was the reason for repeated surgery. Britney also did a correction of the abdomen after the birth of two children, and even underwent arthroplasty of the tibia, with the result that they became massive.

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