Сказочный Бали: Мария Горбань полностью разделась на отдыхе
The star of the show “Kitchen” did a provocative photo shoot.

Photo: Instagram

Maria Gorban just loves to be photographed and to show the public all the charm of the figure. And she’s right! After all, the actress won a truly perfect forms. With the growth of 172 cm for many years she holds the same weight 55 kg. because of the constant sports Maria no cellulite or any other similar problems daily struggles most of the female population.

This time during holiday in Bali — Gorban decided to show even more than usual. Previously, she delighted fans of candid photos in a swimsuit or lingerie, but now she’s a beautiful shot undressed at all! Her nakedness only covers a small guitar ukulele and clothes there is only a hat and chunky earrings.

“Mexicana Mama!” the so — called “hot” the Maria on Instagram.

It is not surprising that the photo was a success in the Network. Picture took almost 40 thousand views and over 200 comments, which essentially boiled down to one thing: Maria is a goddess.

However, there was a time when the team was dissatisfied with their figure. During pregnancy, the star has gained as much as 15 extra pounds. To get rid of them helped busy schedule and lack time to eat. In addition, at the same time, Gorban excluded from the diet meat, and began to move more. The actress often does Pilates, but the simulators do not like.

“Of course, genetics is of great importance, I’m very lucky in the family I have all slim! — frankly admits Gorban. — After giving birth, I quickly lost 15 lbs. I sat on a diet, just don’t have time to eat, as played premiere a week after the birth of a daughter. I am a third year do not eat meat, only fish. Like stretching, Pilates, active sports… But fitness is not particularly good for me, but sometimes you can! I love to dance and swim!”

But most importantly, said the hunchback, that everything in life has to do with love, and then to achieve results will be easier.