Fabio Mastrangelo: “Russian women — the most beautiful in the world!”

Фабио Мастранджело: «Русские женщины — самые красивые в мире!»
Exclusive interview 7days.ru with the famous conductor.

Fabio Mastrangelo

Legendary conductor Fabio Mastrangelo told 7days.ru how
he received Russian citizenship, why Russian women are the most
beautiful in the world, and what is the secret of its international success.

— How well did your
professional way?

At the age of 5 years old my father had me sit at the piano and didn’t give me other choice
but to teach music and enjoy its sounds. Of course, as a knowledgeable person,
he already knew that I have a certain talent. Despite the fact that
then I tried to resist, I now understand very well that
the only way for the talented boy to make him learn. Because
all children do not want the piano to play, and in
football. When I was about 10 years old I already knew that this was my life, my
the way he was very passionate about. In that time I have developed certain
success. In 10 years I was a student at the Conservatory in his native city of Bari. I
lucky that the rector of the Conservatory Nino Rota, who was Chairman in
the jury, took me and watched the first steps of my progress. After Italy I
he continued to study in Geneva, then in London and simultaneously began to take
lessons as a conductor. Later I went on to study at the conductor and then
already started my career.

— Do you remember your first

I was somewhere 21-22 years, it was a double Concerto of Bach in Vienna.
Played with very talented musicians from my city. My close friend Elio
Arcello, organized the orchestra, because I know that I am a conductor and gave
me the first chance to speak publicly.

— Tell us what you won, Russia?
Why have you decided to get Russian citizenship?

— Russia conquered me with its energy, soul, beauty as well as its
music and professionalism of the Russian musicians. When I first
came to St. Petersburg nearly 20 years ago, it instantly made the decision
I want to live in Russia, because this country is close to me in spirit. Half
years after his first visit, I began to live in Russia.

— You are the artistic Director and Director
St. Petersburg state theater “Music Hall”, the main
conductor and artistic Director of the orchestra of the State Hermitage Museum
“St. Petersburg Camerata”, performing with famous groups on
all over the world. How do you manage everything? What is the secret of success?

The secret is simple — you need to love what you’re doing. If you are passionate about something,
my case is music, then you’re ready to do it always. When I hear the sounds
orchestra, any fatigue instantly disappear, and have the strength and huge
desire to work!

— It is believed that
the Italian audience is very emotional and feels music, including
classic. Whether strongly differ in this plan the Russian audience?

— I believe that the Italian public feels more Opera
repertoire. But I was not told that the Russian public is less emotional.

You have the audience more involved in the process, watching every development
the music event. Always felt incredible support and energy,
emanating from the audience, especially listeners in Saint-Petersburg and
Moscow. Very soon, may 5-6, in the city Dobrograd in the Vladimir region
festival of classical and Opera music “PRO Good”, where we together with
Russian Philharmonic will present the enchanting and fiery polkas by Johann
Strauss. It is planned as an orchestral and Opera performed by the famous
songs. I’m pretty sure the public will accept us with warmth, which is so
characteristic of the Russian people.

— When you go to the theater as a viewer, you
prevents your professionalism to perceive music in a live performance?

Sometimes Yes it does. Especially when the music is selected not so successfully. But
this happens very rarely.

– Do you think that unprepared
the viewer to understand and love such difficult arts, like ballet, Opera or
a classical music concert?

— Nor is it other form of art touches the soul like music. I think
music is the easiest art form. Any good music touches
strings of the soul, no matter what it is: classical, Opera, jazz, or

I am convinced of one thing: to understand classical music to feel
enough to have heart. Most people, thank God, have a heart.
The only obstacle that does not allow you to hear and understand is
complete lack of hearing.

Who are your favorite composers?

— There are many composers of music which I love to do. If
split by genre, I prefer Opera composers (for example,
Puccini) and the Symphony (e.g., Rachmaninoff).

— You have a Russian wife. What attracts you in
Russian women?

— Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. Russia is a multinational country
and for anybody not a secret that the more mixed blood, the more beautiful
get a people. In addition, Russian women are loving and smart, good at communicate with people, good with kids
and to support my man in difficult moments.