Explain: why you can’t eat cottage cheese for dinner

Объясняем: почему нельзя есть творог на ужин

Famous coach dispelled the worst of the myth of losing weight.

“Don’t eat after six”, “five after – only buttermilk”, “two hours before sleep, forget about everything except water” – sound familiar? The first thing we are preparing, sitting on a diet is hungry in the evening. So we don’t know about you, but our authors have led to unimaginable delight expert opinion from a coach of the highest qualification Alexey Stolyarov.

“Do not be afraid to eat before bedtime. Just remember: food should be correct”, – said Alexei.

Believe it certainly can – just look at his own figure and a collection of awards won.

“In the evening you need to eat protein foods: fish, chicken, eggs. But the carbs on your plate should not be. Eaten in the evening, they inevitably will settle in the excess on the sides,” explains Alex.

If you are absolutely starving, the trainer advises to make a choice in favor of buckwheat – a maximum of 50 grams dry weight.

“I would advise you to make an omelet out of egg whites and broccoli, green beans or spinach. And then of heaviness in the abdomen at bedtime and in the morning will start to get easier – try” – confidently says Alex.

So it’s settled: for the night – proteins. So after all a perfect solution – dairy products!

“No, no, the assertion that cheese is a perfect evening snack, no more than a myth, again surprising Alex. — Curd is a great product, I like it very much. But there is one “but”.

The fact that in the dream run regenerative processes in the body. In particular, is produced somatropin – growth hormone. It acts on fat cells, mobilizing them and making them split. And the cheese (and any dairy products because they contain casein) causes a strong insulin response the insulin gets in the way of somatropin, and the breakdown of fats, alas, is slowing down. But to lose weight in your sleep damn nice!

So eat cottage cheese better in the morning or afternoon as a snack.

“To recover you will not recover. But the process of slimming down. Therefore, on dairy products at night is better to forget, – added the coach. And wished: – Eat wisely, and you will always be in great shape!”

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