Experts announced the cause of death of the Liberzh Kpadonu became famous as a participant show “Dom-2”. The girl ran her own blog and made money by selling advertising.

Experts announced the cause of death of the participant She did not take part in any high-profile scandals. Personal life also did not work out. Liberzh lived alone.

Once she told subscribers that she had a serious illness related to her lungs. Kpadon underwent surgery.

Time passed and friends began to notice that Liber was not getting in touch. It turned out that 36-year-old Kpadonu died in her apartment. Moreover, this became known thanks to neighbors who called the local police officer because of the characteristic smell in the stairwell. It was established that Liberge lay dead for 41 days.

Experts voice various causes of death of the show participant, from complications after surgery to alcohol intoxication. What exactly happened will be known after the autopsy.

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