Experts announced the results of the inspection of the deceased Maranova alcohol

Эксперты огласили итоги проверки погибшего Марьянова на алкоголь Experts said the final results of the blood tests died 15 October artist. Earlier a row of mass media published other data on causes of death of Dmitry Maryanova.
Эксперты огласили итоги проверки погибшего Марьянова на алкоголь

Last week, the media reported that in the blood actor Dmitry Maryanov the day he died allegedly detected alcohol, however, the final results of the examination showed 0 ppm. Histology tissue samples of the deceased will be ready soon. It will show what drugs were introduced to Dmitry Marjanova in the rehabilitation center “Phoenix” in Lobnya.

Эксперты огласили итоги проверки погибшего Марьянова на алкоголь

The investigating Committee deals with the death of the famous actor as regards 2 articles 109 of the criminal code –”Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties.”

Law enforcement agencies have found that the rehabilitation was not qualified doctors. The only person who had a medical education, was Director of the clinic Oksana Bogdanova. The psychiatrist reported the sensational facts about the centre, which was the Maryanov

“According to the unified register of licenses, Autonomous nonprofit organization “Rehabilitation center to promote socialization of people with deviant behavior “Phoenix” a license for medical activity does not have”, – said the TV channel “REN TV” adviser to the head of public relations & media, head of the press service of Roszdravnadzor Olga Maleva.

Earlier, the head of the rehabilitation center Oksana Bogdanova has told reporters and the family of the actor that first time Maryanov was starving. “We went to feed him,” shared the woman. However, during those nine days that the actor had been in therapy, he began to feel differently.

“The man actually began to return power with each passing day it becomes more active and outgoing. He said that he had very little time. He wanted to live, to work on myself,” claimed the woman on a talk show.

According to her, Maryanov constantly thinking about his wife Xenia.

According to Oksana, the actor was able to overcome himself and to start life anew.

“I am very empty. Like lost hope. There really was a chance. He was a terrific motivation to live. I’m usually faced with more empty people”, – said Bogdanov. The experts decided to find out from the head of the center, which drugs were taken Maryanov before death. However, the woman hastened to declare that in her clinic, which has “no relation to medicine”, provide psychological help, not medical.