Экспертное мнение: как избавиться от лопнувших капилляров на лице

If you find yourself on the face a red or purple stain in the form of a spider web that does not disappear, do not worry, this is just the damaged blood vessels. Along with experts understand where they come from, how to prevent their appearance, what beauty means to use.

What are broken capillaries?

We remind you that the Internet is not your doctor and you definitely need to make an appointment to see a dermatologist for diagnosis. But if you are still trying to conduct a self-test, then explain: bursting of the capillaries is enlarged blood vessels that look like bright blood-red gossamer.

That can cause the formation of broken capillaries?

Well-known beautician Rene Rule says that the capillary walls are very elastic, and blood vessels can lose their ability to contract if they are often expanded. This leads to the fact that they remain enlarged.


Экспертное мнение: как избавиться от лопнувших капилляров на лице Doctor-dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Tori Elena Makshanova

In General lifestyle greatly affects the state of our vessels. For example, due to such bad habits as Smoking, blood vessels become thinner, become brittle, from the body “leaves” vitamin C — a powerful natural antioxidant that is responsible for the youthfulness of our skin.

In addition, frequent trips to the bath and sauna is not favorable to vessels of the face. Another reason is sun exposure: do not get involved in a Solarium, and sunbathing.

Also, very often the capillaries on the wings of the nose arise from the fact that some people like in their own home to squeeze pimples and closed comedones. And do it in the pre-steaming or hot skin.

Экспертное мнение: как избавиться от лопнувших капилляров на лице

It is believed that an important role is played by genetics. The damaged capillaries are more common in people with sensitive skin, acne or rosacea. Usually the skin suffers in the winter due to fluctuations in temperature and severe frosts.

I’d say the ratio 50: 50. Yes, many diseases are inherited from parents. But will there be implemented “hereditary” — it largely depends on us. If a person with a predisposition to diseases of the blood vessels will live a healthy life and do all of what I said above, it will be all right. Our health is in our hands!— says Elena Makshanova.

Is it possible to cope on their own, with the help of home care?

Sorry, but we have some bad news for you: if the blood vessels on the face or body are already clearly visible, with only one home care they do not remove. However, all is not lost. Using special cosmetics you can prevent the appearance of new capillaries. And existing successfully cope laser technology. They always rate. To consolidate the effect is already using a serum with vitamin C and a medium-venotonic that regulate vascular tone.

Products that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as rosehip or pomegranate, can also reduce redness. You can also ask your doctor about Rhofade is a drug prescription, it narrows the blood vessels, thereby limiting blood flow and redness in the area, says dermatologist Arash Akhavan, MD, founder of dermatology and laser clinic in new York.

Laser technology

Laser technology for the removal of blood vessels and capillaries several, they are all effective. Most often used phototherapy, neodymium laser, green laser Vbeam. After neodymium laser (he has a large wavelength effects) can remain small scars.
I love working on a green laser Vbeam — it gives excellent results, comfortably tolerated by the patient and the rehabilitation period after it is missing. Its only downside I would mention the fact that it cannot be used on tanned skin. In the summer we can schedule the procedure vessels removal, but either two weeks before vacation, or through two or three weeks after,— says Elena Makshanova.

Экспертное мнение: как избавиться от лопнувших капилляров на лице

The cost always depends on the treated area. It may be a separate vessel, and then the patient is more convenient to pay for the number of flashes. On average, one flash of the laser Vbeam is worth a thousand roubles. You can either pay for separate areas of the face: for example, to remove the vessels from the wings of the nose will cost five thousand rubles, with the cheeks — 12 thousand roubles, and handle all face — 15 thousand rubles.

Here again you need to understand that there are vessels that “go” after one session. But when the problem is complex (e.g., diagnosed spilled couperosis), in this case, the patient will have to undergo a three to four session of laser therapy with an interval of once a month.


Is it possible to prevent damage to the capillaries capillaries

Of course. It is enough to get rid of bad habits and not to abuse with sauna and sunbathing (and don’t forget the sunscreen).
The capillary walls weaken under ultraviolet light, so a good sunscreen can potentially prevent the appearance of some broken capillaries, says Dr. Akhavan.

If you are located genetically to the formation of dilated capillaries, it is better to start using protivoleprosnami serums and veneconomy, very useful for vessels With vitamin C, antioxidants. Thus, you are kindly requested to take care of yourself and do not trigger rosacea. You need to be careful in washing your face warm water: no, not at all life from a hot shower is not worth it, but be aware that the warmer the water, the higher the risk of damaging the skin.

Экспертное мнение: как избавиться от лопнувших капилляров на лице

Hot water accelerates blood circulation and dilates capillaries, increasing skin redness,

says Rouleau.

Get in the habit to wash your face with cool water and try to avoid contact with the face of a direct flow of hot water.

Special diet

There are foods that provoke damage to the capillaries. Sorry, fans of dry red, but the chemicals in alcohol to create a reaction in the blood vessels and raise them to the surface of the skin. It also stimulates the brain to interfere in the vascular system, so it causes redness of the face. Worsen symptoms can hot, spicy and fried food. But to strengthen blood vessels will help foods rich in vitamin C (citrus fruits, cranberry, wild rose). Also the diet should include carrots, garlic, lean meats and fatty fish, dried apricots, honey, green tea and walnuts.

Top tip: if a problem arose, one should not expect, when she takes on a serious scale —go to the doctor. The sooner you seek help, the faster, easier, cheaper and most importantly can get rid of problems with blood vessels.

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