Экспертное мнение: как наносить тональный крем

Smooth complexion is the basis of any makeup. It would seem that there is nothing easier — you only need to moisturize the skin and apply a concealer. However, many years can’t find “their” means. SPLETNIK.RU gathered more than 20 tips from leading makeup artists on how to choose the perfect shade and texture which tools to use and how to achieve the effect of perfectly smooth skin.

How to choose the right shade and texture

Makeup artist Nick Barose says before you buy a new Foundation, we need to see how shades look in natural lighting (Yes, it will have to apply the product and go out). If the color blends into the skin — you can take.

Экспертное мнение: как наносить тональный крем

Clarins international make-up artist Olga Komrakova advises to apply a bit of Foundation on the border of the face and neck.
Buy a concealer in two shades: one that matches the color of your skin, to disguise the deficiencies and lighter, apply it on the chin, cheekbones and bridge of the nose. If you can’t find the perfect shade, take just two (light and dark) and blend them, says A. J. Crimson.

If you have a photo shoot (or just want to get a selfie), use a translucent matte Foundation primer and shining. This combination gives a beautiful effect that will look great in the pictures. Checked makeup artist Lupita Nyong’o.

The majority of tonal resources without oils become more yellow or orange on the skin — this occurs when in contact with air prone to oily skin. It just oxidizes and changes color. So before purchasing it is better to test the tool for several hours, recommends Laura Mercier.

Tonal liquid texture on the beauty market the most. Which is not surprising, because they are versatile and quite easy to work with.

Экспертное мнение: как наносить тональный крем

There are two main types of liquid tonal resources: water-based, which usually give a more matte finish and are more suitable for those with oily skin, and silicone, which, as a rule, with a creamy texture and good for dry skin and for oily skin (depending on the kind of used silicone).

Decided to try water-based, adjusted to skin type, this means that they do not necessarily require a fixing powder. However there is a caveat: you need to distribute this tool on the skin before it is absorbed.

Some toners are produce of oil-based (this product combines beauty and function), they are usually more suitable for people with dry skin. Cream Foundation is more dense in texture, they last longer than their liquid counterparts, and usually give the skin a satin effect. They generally do not contain water, and consisting mainly of oil, wax and pigments (and sometimes silicon). If you have dry and Mature skin, you should stay away from foundations in the form of sticks, as they can cause your skin will become even drier, and wrinkles will become more noticeable.

Our skin usually becomes dry in the winter, so it’s the perfect time to transition to a more creamy formula. Forget the tone with a matte effect and instead choose a liquid or cream Foundation with plenty of moisturizing properties.

How to apply

Makeup artist Clarins explains that when applied with your fingers, the texture of Foundation becomes more pliable from body heat and blends into the skin. The brush allows you to carefully consider the porous areas of the skin, and applied with a sponge gives a very light, transparent effect.

Экспертное мнение: как наносить тональный крем

Makeup artist Make Up For Ever recommends starting to apply Foundation from center of face. After all, in this area you pay attention in the first place. Additionally, the skin often has a nonuniform hue, faster starts to glisten and Shine. This sequence allows not to overdo it with powder according to the contour of the face.

Laura Arellano advises to pay attention on the round brush with synthetic bristles. They are commonly used for applying powder, but they are more suitable for fluid textures. Want a more natural effect, simply spray the brush micellar water. So the tone will go thin veil.

Small, fluffy synthetic brush handy for blending Foundation and concealer. So you will quickly mask the redness and pimples on the chin, forehead and cheeks, says Linda Cantello.

Many people prefer to put the tone arms, but forget that it costs a bit to warm up. Joseph Carillo, makeup artist Alexa Chung, lightly driving the tone into the skin, spreading it from the center to the edges, and then for shading uses your favorite makeup brush or Beautyblender.

Экспертное мнение: как наносить тональный крем

Preparation for application of makeup

To achieve the effect illuminated from within the skin, start with applying a moisturizing mask for the face. Can use oil (in winter, when the skin is dry, this is especially true). Just mix it with any cream and apply on the cheekbones, chin and forehead, says Patrick TA.

If you do not have beauty products, add a little water to Foundation before applying. This will give the moisture without the effect of lubricity and gives the skin a radiant appearance.

If you do not have dry skin, apply a greater amount of day cream on cheeks, not on the T-zone to avoid unwanted Shine. If you have a lumpy and uneven texture of the skin, use a creamy base under makeup. It is visually smooth surface.

Apply a base for shadows under the eyes (the area where most wrinkles appear) — so the concealer won’t slide, plus it will create a further basis for smooth eyelids, says hung, Vango.

How not to overdo it

French women are fond of creams that give a loose, barely visible coating. To achieve such a result is easy — just after application, Pat the face with a paper towel to remove excess.

Place five dots, one on the cheeks, forehead, chin and neck and blend in circular motions with the brush, says Erman Ospina, who worked with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Carla, Gugino and Rosario Dawson

Экспертное мнение: как наносить тональный крем

To fix the makeup is possible without a dense layer of powder. Take two-layer paper towel, divide in two, put one of them in the face and walk on top of the loose powder.

How to touch up makeup during the day

Instead of using a matting powder, Min Min MA makeup artist singer Grimes and actress MIA Wasikowski, advises wet skin wipes. So you won’t look like an Opera diva in disguise.

In the evening it is not necessary to apply a new layer of makeup. Better spray face refreshing spray, I use Allies of Skin Molecular Mist Toner Savior. It activates the pigments and will leave your skin hydrated, fresh and glowing, says Aidan Keogh, makeup artist Agency Artists Honey.

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