Экспертное мнение: работают ли блески-пламперы для увеличения объема губ

Of all the products for lips that exist on the market, glitter-plumbery, perhaps, the most misunderstood. Most consumers probably don’t even know if they work. We decided to consult with several experts in skin care, to find out whether it was true that the effect of such funds is the same as after injection, and are they safe.

How it works

Actually there’s no magic. Glitter-planery contain ingredients that irritate the skin to cause a temporary effect of inflated, like a baby’s, lips.

These glosses will not create the effect of a duck, inside-out lips, they are only slightly visually increase them without discomfort (in contrast to injections of hyaluronic acid). No risks and side effects

says clinical dermatologist, Dr. Shari, Marchbein.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner adds that these glosses also moisturize your lips and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, whereby the lips become more smooth.

Экспертное мнение: работают ли блески-пламперы для увеличения объема губ


So, what is this annoying lips ingredients. Most often it is cinnamon, menthol, ginger, hot spices or capsaicin, an ingredient found in Cayenne peppers (it contains the gas sprays for self-defense). Under their influence to the lips flows the blood (at that time you feel a tingling sensation), which leads to mild swelling and they become brighter and bigger. This will give you a temporary effect that can last for several hours. Wrinkles can also be smooth, but the lips of Angelina Jolie, you are unlikely to get. We need to be realistic and understand that Shine for $ 10 will not increase the lips as this will make the injection for $ 400, says dermatologist Patricia Farris.
I’m not a big fan of ingredients that irritate the skin. If you too often use such means, be prepared for the fact that lips can become dry and can cause irritation, says dermatologist Paul Friedman in an interview. So be careful not to overdo it.

Экспертное мнение: работают ли блески-пламперы для увеличения объема губ

There is a lip gloss with (now suddenly) bee venom (for example, Manrea Doctor’s Aprilirefine Lip Enhancer). This ingredient, according to Joshua Zeichner, “tricks” the skin like the stings, which leads to inflammation.

What ingredients to look for in a composition

Experts recommend buying tools with gentle moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, marine collagen.
Hyaluronic acid (one molecule attracts approximately 700 molecules of water) helps to increase the moisture level, but such harsh ingredients like peppermint oil and cinnamon, I would advise you to avoid. They sometimes do more harm than good, — the expert adds.

Экспертное мнение: работают ли блески-пламперы для увеличения объема губ

Over the past year, became particularly popular and scrubs for the lips. Sugar or other small exfoliating particles provoke a rush of blood to the lips, because of what they visually look bigger. Also, after the scrub the lipstick glides on effortlessly and smoothly.

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