Эксперта по делу «пьяного» мальчика будут судить Six-year-old Alyosha died in an accident. Expert Mikhail Kleymenov was sure that the boy was drunk. However, re-investigation of the Investigative Committee denied this conclusion, although laboratory worker insisted on its competence and the inability to be wrong.
Эксперта по делу «пьяного» мальчика будут судить

Throughout last year continued the story of the so-called “drunken” boy. Six-year-old Alex Shimko was hit by a car in the Moscow suburb of Balashikha, but expert Mikhail Kleimenov signed laboratory investigations of the blood of the boy. He was not concerned that the results of the analysis, the child was drunk, talking about 2.7 ppm. The investigative Committee during the second study proved that Alyosha was completely sober. Now Kleimenova will have to answer for their actions in court.

Michael face charges under article “a Negligence” – he faces imprisonment of up to three months or a fine of up to 120 thousand roubles, or corrective work. The father of the deceased boy Roman Shimko was not aware of the fact that in respect of kleimenova prosecuted.

“I don’t know what is happening. According to my information, the case was extended to a Sep. I received a letter from the Investigative Committee,” said dad Alyosha.
Эксперта по делу «пьяного» мальчика будут судить

Roman tried to do everything that those responsible are punished. When he began to feel that it want to negate, he drew to his attention – Shimko told about the tragedy in one of the talk shows. Mikhail Kleimenov also do not just come in the Studio to explain. He was convinced of their competence and qualifications of the technicians who, in his opinion, could not prevent the error. In his defense, the expert cited statistics as it turned out, sometimes children do drink alcoholic cocktail. However, now that the Investigation Committee conducted its review, Michael will have to admit guilt.

Эксперта по делу «пьяного» мальчика будут судить

Also a Novel haunted by the idea that the environment Olga Alisovoy sitting behind the wheel of a car and hit the baby, has influence on the course of the investigation. Roman thinks that the clothes, in which brought down his son, was faded so no one saw traces of blood. Dad “drunk boy” accused state authorities that they wanted to hide the accident

“People tried to hide the boy move two wheels. Because it is another level, another measure of responsibility,” said Shimko.

As reported by REN-TV, the Prosecutor’s office said that because of an error kleimenova family Shimko moral damage.