«Испытывает эйфорию от жизни в Канаде»: Олимпийская чемпионка заступилась за Евгению Медведеву Olympic champion 1988 Natalia Bestemianova defended by Evgenia Medvedeva, who was heavily criticized for unflattering remarks about Russia. According to former figure skater, the young sportswoman has declared that “Russia is better than Canada”, I’m just not used to the new place of residence.
«Испытывает эйфорию от жизни в Канаде»: Олимпийская чемпионка заступилась за Евгению Медведеву

About two months ago it became known that the 18-year-old Evgeny Medvedev goes from coach Eteri Tutberidze to canadian expert Brian Orser. Then talked about the envy of athletes to Aline Sagitova and long-standing conflict with the coach.

Now the sportswoman lives abroad and does not tire of talking about how she likes the local training conditions.

“In Canada calmer than in Russia” Eugene Medvedev condemned for lack of patriotism

One of the recent interview Medvedeva has drawn the IRE of the public. Praising Canada, she said that the people there are kinder and more sympathetic than in Russia. However, the Olympic champion of 1988 Natalia Bestemianova decided to stand up for his younger colleague on the ice. According to her, Eugene still didn’t plunge into life abroad with the head, therefore, is in a state of temporary euphoria.

“Jack is experiencing emotions in a new place, and shares it, there’s nothing wrong, she can just be happy. This situation could happen to any country, even any other skating rink in Russia. But it so happened that a new place which my Wife likes more than the previous, this is Canada,” said Bestemianova.
«Испытывает эйфорию от жизни в Канаде»: Олимпийская чемпионка заступилась за Евгению Медведеву

But sports agent Andrei Mitkov considers the reaction of Medvedeva in the foreign service is justified. According to him, overseas coaches work with greater dedication, because the results of wards depends on their profit.

“Foreign coaches work more efficiently, as their income depends on the results of the wards. If Russian specialists paid by the state, abroad — athletes, and it is perceived quite differently. If ward does not show the result, which sought, next time just find another coach. What athletes go abroad not for emotions, but for professional growth, it is a fact,” said hippy.

Sports agent is sure that in the future,Medvedev may even change citizenship and start competing for Canada. The fact is that competition on the ice in Russia, especially in the women’s team is extremely high. That is why, according to Mitkova, Eugene may finally forget about the old patriotism, in the pursuit of the coveted gold medal.

However, the 58-year-old Olympic champion Natalia Bestemianova disagree with such arguments. She is personally familiar with Eugene, and so be sure that the athlete will continue to play for Russia.

“Jack just wants to achieve results, including for Russia. Knowing her and her goal, I don’t think she will leave to play for other country”, — said Bestemianova portal Ura.ru.

However, what the decision of Eugene itself, and how long will continue its cooperation with Brian Orser is still unknown.